What’s in a name?

Here’s the post that hopefully will answer the biggest questions people have about this whole mess:  how do we know that Chris Izer-B* is Razing Ruth, Possummomma, Penn Mommy, Jhawksgirl(1) and Scarlett75?  This is a doozy of an entry and I am only discussing the highlights.  I will flesh out elements of this entry in future entries because I really think that if I throw it all out there at once, it will become a muddled mess.

Before I begin in earnest, I need to state emphatically that a lot of the research I am going to present here has been done by others.  I am just collecting it into one place.  Many thanks to FJ users Carla Bruni, Polabear, Curious and Lainey for the information I share here.

So let’s do it.  Let’s Deconstruct Ruth. 

All of the user names involved have many things in common.  Among them are Bakersfield IP addresses (Ruth attended CSU in Bakersfield, the college where Chris Izer-B*’s ex-husband worked before he moved to the Chicago area), one IP address that is used by several distinct users, and a common disease – lupus.  Possummomma is clear in her blog that has a form of lupus called SLE.  Some of the names refer back to Chris Izer-B* in URLs or basic searches.  It’s labyrinthine but I will do my best to convey this information as clearly as I can.  If anything seems the least bit confusing, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Chris Izer-B* and Possummomma/Penn Mommy

The link between Chris Izer-B* and Possummomma is easy enough to show.  A user called Possummomma has a Pinterest account.  A photo of Chris Izer-B* in a graduation gown is the user picture on both of the accounts.  In the event that these accounts are deleted, I have screen shots to demonstrate, but in the interest of time-saving, I will just direct people to the sites themselves.  (In fact, I have screen shots for just about everything I will write about – should any of the material get deleted, let me know and I will edit screen shots and insert them.)

The Internet has references to Chris B* being Possummomma, and some of them have nothing to do with any sort of scandal.  Check out this one – scroll to the bottom.  Possummomma also drops her last name in her own blog, wherein she reveals her son’s last name.  Again, do not replicate her children’s names – if she saw fit to mention her own son’s whole name, that is her right, but I don’t want it repeated on this blog.

But some of the references have to do with the Penn Mommy/Possummomma scandal that was uncovered by the snark site The Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity.  Don’t worry, I will discuss the whole Penn Mommy/Possummomma scandal in the fullness of time, but for this purposes of this entry, I am just going to hit the highlights.  A woman who called herself Penn Mommy engaged in strange and suspicious behaviors on GDNNOP, causing the mods to investigate.  The investigations showed that Penn Mommy had posted using a Bakersfield, CA IP address.  Because the site’s rules prohibited releasing the IP addresses, I do not have that information.  But in the investigation, several people mentioned the name Chris B* and the name possummomma.

As the mods investigated the scandal on their site, they found proof that Penn Mommy is indeed Possummomma.  Here’s some relevant information, important parts bolded:

Although we were suspicious of this IP address for many weeks, we did not have it confirmed as Penn Mommy until she posted here herself on September 26th – Comment # 6. Again, she posted late in the evening and it was very easy to trace who was posting. William Haas also posted on this site on 09/28/08. The sitemeter showed the same IP address on for a short period of time when his comment was posted.

To date this IP address has posted under the names PennMommy, Becky Haas, Karen, Jhawksgirl1 and anonymous.

JHawsgirl1 also posted on our site on 9/28 claiming that she had a comment that did not go through. As stated above, her IP was the same as Penn Mommy. A google search of her screen name yielded some interesting results.

We received a tip from one of our bloggers who had found this website: CLICK HERE. Which belongs to none other than jhawksgirl1.

This person also is the owner of this website:http://possummomma.blogspot.com/ . Her writings are similar to the writer known as Penn Mommy.

Interesting, but where’s the link to Chris B*?  From the same entry, bold added for emphasis:

Jhawksgirl/Possum Momma also has this picture of this young man on her public Picasa Web Album that appears to be recently added. http://picasaweb.google.com/bedellcl1975/LJSpecial#

The link is now dead but look at the name.

Weaker evidence, but still interesting is this comment from GWoP without Pity, name redaction not in original:

Anonymous said…Someone on the pig blog, mentioned that a Chris B* was Possum/PennMommy etc. Wasn’t Jayhawkgirl or whatever accused of being PennMommy? http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/registry.html?ie=UTF8&type=wishlist&id=2U393E8VTU9DShe is/was scarlett75 in other places.

July 3, 2009 at 5:31 PM

I don’t know how much faith you can put in an anonymous comment and this is indeed all circumstantial evidence.  But as I will show later when I have more time to devote to all the correlations, the extraordinary amount of circumstantial evidence in this case reaches the point of absurdity.  A read through Possummomma’s blog shows many details that mesh with details of Chris Izer-B*’s life, from the number and age of her children, to the date of her divorce, to the very car she drives.

As a skeptic, this is enough for me to believe that Chris Izer-B* is behind the online name and blogger known as Possummomma.  Possummomma will be discussed in detail when I can because that blog engaged in malingering and managed to raise a substantial amount of money for equipment to help manage a disease that it is doubtful that Chris Izer-B* actually suffers from.

Possummomma, Penn Mommy, Jhawksgirl and Scarlett75

In the evidence for Chris Izer-B* as Possummomma and Penn Mommy, we have proof linking her identity to Jhawksgirl1, that the IP address used for Penn Mommy was the same as the one for JHawksgirl and that JHawksgirl owned the site Possummomma.  We also have that Picasa link that shows Chris B*’s name as the owner of pictures used by Jhawksgirl and Possummomma.

Also interesting is what happens when you Google “jhawksgirl bakersfield.”  You get a hit on Christina Izer.

But less circumstantial is information straight from the source in chat session.  Here is a file link to the information as a whole so you can see the entire thing, if you want.  Thanks to Curious from Free Jinger for cutting it down to show the pertinent parts.  I’ve bolded areas of particular interest.

[13:36] * scarlett75 has joined #nonprophets
[13:36] <scarlett75> hi all
[13:36] <rudeboy> hello
[13:36] <scarlett75> how are you, this week, rudeboy?
[13:36] <rudeboy> feeling slightly better than last week
[13:37] <scarlett75> that’s good.
[13:37] <rudeboy> slept almost ten hours this morning, which is odd for me
[13:37] <scarlett75> btw – I can’t remember if I usually sign in here as jhawksgirl or scarlett75.
[13:38] <scarlett75> WOW! Ten hours.
[13:38] <rudeboy> yeah, I usually do 6-7 hours regularly
[13:38] <scarlett75> I’ve been averaging about five hours, over the last year.
[13:38] <scarlett75> Sucks
[13:38] <rudeboy> I’m thinking I may be fighting off some infection or something
[13:38] <scarlett75> could be
[13:38] <rudeboy> Well, I’ve been feeling run down for several weeks now
[13:38] <scarlett75> that’s too bad
[13:39] <scarlett75> any other symptoms?
[13:39] <rudeboy> and since I have zero health care, I cannot go to a doctor to get diagnosed
[13:39] <rudeboy> no, just a general tiredness
[13:39] <scarlett75> no fevers?
[13:39] <rudeboy> no
[13:39] <scarlett75> you’re probably right then…just run down
[13:39] <rudeboy> this “condition” makes me cranky though
[13:40] <scarlett75> understandable
[13:40] <rudeboy> that makes it tough when I have to deal with customers at the store
[13:40] <scarlett75> I have lupus and spend most of my days in bed… it tends to make one a little edgy
[13:41] <rudeboy> oh… that makes my problems small ones compared to your own.

[13:47] <scarlett75> despite the fact that it’s 99 degrees today, i wanted soup. Spinach Artichoke Dip equals love
[13:47] <rudeboy> for me, that’s a meal in iteself
[13:48] <rudeboy> we’re lucky, L.A. is cooling off this weekend
[13:48] <rudeboy> fogged in two mornings in a row
[13:48] <scarlett75> Bakersfield, here
[13:48] <rudeboy> oh, right
[13:48] <scarlett75> I used to live in Ventura. Love the fog
[13:48] <rudeboy> Blazing Bakersfield
[13:48] <scarlett75> keeps things nice and cool
[13:48] <rudeboy> yeah, it would
[13:49] <scarlett75> can’t wait for the show to start.
[13:49] <rudeboy> yep

[14:19] <rudeboy> which explains current xtianity
[14:20] <scarlett75> OH OH. You guys have to check out my blog…totally ties into this discussion
[14:20] <atxcats> holy spooks!
[14:20] <rudeboy> where are the “thing’s” credentials?
[14:20] <atxcats> link, scarlett?
[14:20] <Aerik> I don’t write to my blog nearly as often as I say I would or should
[14:20] <scarlett75> possummomma.blogspot.com/
[14:20] <rudeboy> so you got blogged down on the job

Okay, let’s go over all of the information we learned from this chat session.  Scarlett75 is unsure if her ID on the chat site is Scarlett75 or Jhawksgirl.  Scarlett75 lives in Bakersfield.  Scarlett75 has lupus, just like Possummomma, but that aha! moment is rendered almost moot when she links directly to possummomma’s blog as her own.  So with this one piece of information we know Scarlett75 is JHawksgirl and Possummomma.  Possummomma is proven in the GDNNOP links to be Penn Mommy and Chris Izer-B*.

So right now we know that Possummomma —> Penn Mommy —> Scarlett75 —> Jhawksgirl —> Chris Izer-B*.

Because I know skeptics will question the difference between Jhawksgirl and Jhawksgirl1 (and you should question everything), a Google on “jhawksgirl1 bakersfield” should show that Chris Izer-B* has used both monikers.  The first link I hit when I perform that Google is, very sad to say, a site devoted to deceased children.  In the California listings,  you will find this:

Chrisbjhawksgirl1@juno.com Lives in Bakersfield.
Chrisb lost Twins at 12 weeks Gestation

I hesitated listing this because this is a terribly sensitive subject, but given the near-obsession with sickness and dead children that Chris Izer-B* has demonstrated over the course of her blogging life, I decided I needed to get over my squeamishness because it’s going to come up again, especially in the discussion of Penn Mommy.  But we now have another clear link between Chris Izer-B* and Jhawksgirl1 to go along with the information gathered by GDNNOP.

Chris Izer-B* as Razing Ruth

This is the one most of us are here for – how does Razing Ruth tie into all of this?  Here we go.

This is another situation wherein there is definitive evidence that links Ruth’s IP address to shenanigans but we have to take Free Jinger’s word for part of it because they will not reveal Ruth’s IP address(es) because such an action would violate their TOS.  However,  Polabear, a tech team member on Free Jinger, put together ahandy list comparing Ruth’s reported travels on her blog to the travels Chris Izer-B* recently engaged in.

Ruth made comments on Free Jinger as she traveled to her new job in Chicago, and continued to make comments after she claimed she had arrived and was more or less settled.  Polabear looked at all the IP addresses assigned to Ruth when she posted comments to Free Jinger.  She then looked up all the places Ruth claimed to be when she blogged on Razing Ruth and when she commented on Free Jinger.  Then Polabear looked up all the travel locations Chris Izer-B* mentioned in her Facebook. I am bolding the two most important entries in this IP travel log:

Locations via Razing Ruth:
May 26th, 2013 – says she is in UT. (IP used on Free Jinger matches this location)
May 27th, 2013 – camping in CO. (IP used on Free Jinger matches this location)
May 30th, 2013 – says she took I-80 east and was under a tornado warning (IP used on Free Jinger does not match)
June 2nd, 2013 – says tomorrow is her first day at the job, presumably she’s in the chicago area. (IP used on Free Jinger does not match)

Locations via Razing Ruth on FreeJinger:
May 26th, 2013 – says she is in St. George, UT. (IP used on Free Jinger matches)
May 27th, 2013 – says she is in CO and saw great sights. (IP used on Free Jinger matches)
May 28th, 2013 – says she took a wrong turn and will stop in Cheyenne, then take I-80 (IP used on Free Jinger matches, assuming she posted before reaching WY)
May 29th, 2013 – says she is under tornado warning in NE and waiting at a gas station to get her window repaired. (IP used on Free Jinger does not match)
June 1st, 2013 – says she will make it to Chicago tomorrow. Says a family brought her dinner at a NE KOA. (IP used on Free Jinger does not match)
June 2nd, 2013 – says she is in the Chicago burbs. (IP used on Free Jinger does not match)
June 13th, 2013 – last post before long break (IP used on Free Jinger matches)
June 21st, 2013 – says that she was in the hospital (IP used on Free Jinger does not match)

Locations via Chris Izer-B*’s Facebook
March 26, 2013 – says she is in the Chicago area (IP tracked on March 31st, 2013 from Free Jinger matches)
April 1, 2013 says she saw Rhea Perlman on a flight from chicago to lax
May 27th, 2013 – says she is outside of Grand Junction, CO (IP used on Free Jinger matches)
May 28th, 2013 – posts saying she went to Sonic. Posts pictures of the Great Divide (IP used  on Free Jinger matches)
May 29th, 2013 – posts about staying in a tiny cabin with a heater in colorado. Then posts a picture of Scotts Bluff, NE. Later posts that she was in Mount Rushmore, SD. (IP used on Free Jinger matches)
May 30th, 2013 – posts that she stayed in De Smet, SD. (IP used on Free Jinger matches)
May 31st, 2013 – posts that she’s in Mower County, MN. (IP used on Free Jinger matches)
June 3rd, 2013 – posts an Iowan Prairie Fire (no IP on FJ)
June 12th, 2013 – posts that she’s under tornado warning, no location. (no IP on FJ, but June 13th IP used on Free Jinger matches Chicago area)
June 14th, 2013 – posts picture of kids in Ohio Cabin (no IP on FJ)
June 17th, 2013 – Lincoln Memorial (no IP on FJ)
June 18th, 2013 – Harpers Ferry, VA (no IP on FJ)
June 18th, 2013 – On the Appalachian Trail (no IP on FJ)
June 22nd, 2013 – Swimming in VA (IP used on Free Jinger matches)
June 24th, 2013 – Driving in OH (no IP on FJ)
June 26th, 2013 – Picture of Chicago skyline. (IP used on Free Jinger matches)
July 4th, 2013 – taking the train to downtown Chicago (IP used on Free Jinger matches)

This is very interesting information and is the best link between Ruth and Chris Izer-B*.  Why would the IP addresses on Free Jinger not match to the locations Ruth herself reported as she was traveling?  The obvious, non-scam answer, to me at least, is that Ruth was a woman traveling alone and feared that revealing her location could result in being stalked or harmed.  Therefore she didn’t always report her location accurately.

But if that is the case, what on earth was the deal with the story that she shared in her last entry wherein she says a family found her and treated her to dinner at a location that doesn’t match the IP address she used when she posted on Free Jinger?  That crosses over from prudent protection to making up stuff for the sake of making up stuff.

But more interesting to me are the IP addresses that match where Chris Izer-B*  was during her travels.  As I will show in another entry, Chris Izer-B*’s children reside near Chicago with her ex-husband, so we know why she was traveling.  In fact, the court records will show exactly why Chris Izer-B* was in Chicago during March and June – she was visiting her kids as per court order.  But that comes later.

For now, ask yourselves this:  Why would Ruth’s IP address on June 22 show that she was in Virginia?  According to the entry on her blog, she says, “I’m back at work and feeling pretty good.”  She had just had surgery to remove her twisted ovary.  So if she is recovering from surgery and back to work in a Chicago library, why would her IP address show her to be in Virginia when Chris Izer-B* was also swimming in Virginia?

Even more interesting, why did Ruth’s IP address show her to be in Chicago in March when Chris Izer-B* was there to visit her children?  Ruth had a lapse in posting from the end of February through early April but when she returns on April 9, she does not mention that she had been to Chicago.

I hate to keep saying “I’ll discuss this later” but I want to quickly discuss something I will definitely discuss in depth later.  Have you ever heard of “tells?”  Most of us have heard of it in terms of playing cards.  A bad player is full of “tells.”  Like he twitches his nose when he has a good hand and raises an eyebrow when he has a bad hand, and communicates what he’s thinking via those small movements?  All of the blogs associated with Chris Izer-B* are full of tells and Ruth lets one slip in her April 9th entry.  (ETA:  Chris is scrubbing the Razing Ruth site and the April 9th entry appears to be deleted.  Here’s the copy of the entry.)

Before the job in Chicago is even a possibility, she says that if her father dies, her family will move to Illinois.  What a bizarre thing for a family to say.  I guess some families are that pragmatic and begin to plan how they will spend the rest of their lives after a death when the person is still alive, but this seems to me to be a tell.  Chris Izer-B* had been thinking a lot about Illinois.  She had just returned from Illinois after seeing her kids and was going to go back in less than three months.  I think mentioning a family potentially being in Illinois is a “tell.”

Chris Izer-B. made two serious mistakes in posting as Ruth when she was in Chicago back in March and posting as Ruth when she was in Virginia on June 22.   Those two errors make it clear to me that Chris Izer-B* is Ruth.

Which means that Chris Izer B* —> Razing Ruth —> Possummomma —> Penn Mommy —> Scarlett75 —> Jhawksgirl —> Chris Izer-B*.

I know that this is a lot of circumstantial evidence, but circumstantial evidence sends people to jail every single day.  This is only a small part of the circumstantial evidence that exists to show that Chris Izer-B* has been engaging in Munchausen by Internet for at least eight years.  And of course, if you don’t want to take the evidence gathered by a Free Jinger member regarding the IP address information, then none of this will mean anything to you.

But it means a lot to me and it proves to me that Chris Izer-B* has benefited for years from fragmented information on the Internet, a reluctance for websites to violate their TOS and out her IP addresses, and the sadness of her stories that prevented people from questioning her too deeply lest they be the jerk who upset the abused daughter of the patriarchy, the sick woman with lupus, the sad woman who lost children.

I think now Ruth really is Razed.

73 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Amy

    It is worth mentioning that IP addresses aren’t always as they seem. I work in IT, and IP addresses are just an approximation based on where the ISP is located. If someone is within a private network, their IP address will never be accurately reflected. Also, if someone’s ISP is located in a different area to where they are web browsing (it happens here in Australia often), their location will be reported as the particular city/area that their ISP is located. For example, my work uses an ISP based in Sydney. Our 65+ offices are located all throughout NSW & QLD. All sites end up coming from the one IP address, with 400+ devices (iPhones, computers, iPads etc) all seeming to come from the one IP address when they are inside our private network. Just worth keeping in mind when using IP addresses as evidence of someone’s location.

    1. Moldly

      It’s true that IPs can vary, but it’s really reaching to think that it would happen to vary in such a way to perfectly match another person’s across the country.

    2. Admin Post author

      My reply is similar to Moldly’s. IP address data is certainly subject to more than just actual location of the user. But what are the odds that Ruth’s IP addresses would be rerouted to a network in the exact location of two places where Chris states she was visiting? That beggars even the most hardy belief. So this isn’t just about IP information – it’s about the extraordinary coincidence that the IP address changed to the exact location of the person perpetrating the scam.

    1. Admin Post author

      It came from a chat room for skeptics and atheists called NonProphets.

      ETA: I have also since learned that this messageboard/chat room was for fans of a show called Non Prophets, a radio show from Austin, Texas.

    1. Admin Post author

      I don’t think he does fit into the Munchausen by Internet or the malingering in any way. He vouches for Possummomma being very ill but, from what I have been able to gather, he knows Chris mostly via Internet interactions. As far as I can tell, he’s a loyal man who has been taken in by a scammer and was angry that, in his mind, his friend was being maligned unjustly.

      But Calladus is a wholly separate individual. He is not sock puppet.

  2. nelliebelle1197

    The RR blog is getting scrubbed as we speak and apparently some stories are undergoing edits.

    1. Admin Post author

      I’ve got every entry from Razing Ruth backed up as well as the comments on many entries. The comments I don’t have others have. I also backed up Possummomma, Chris Izer-B*’s Facebook, Razing Ruth’s Facebook and a bunch of other stuff. She can delete all she wants but I have the originals.

      This is so sad. She’ll regroup and be back with another identity in a couple of weeks. I genuinely want her to get help but I don’t think it will ever happen.

  3. Lainey

    Oh-ho-ho! That little so-and-so deleted all the entries on her “goodbye” post. Now you have to be a member to comment. I expect comments are also moderated now? Anyone know?

    1. Some Girl

      I’m sure it’s just a wild coincidence that Chris, who definitely IS NOT Razing Ruth, decided to lock down her facebook page at the same time Ruth is scrubbing her blog. Or not…

      1. theresa

        That totally seals it for me, although I never believed her, always waited for this day, took a long time. the fact that Chris and Ruth are supposedly NOT the same person, yet they both edit their facebook and blog at the same time, very, very telling! Come on Chris, we know who you are, stop trying to fool people and scam them out of their money.

        1. Hilda

          I totally agree with all the connections made between Chris I.B. and Razing Ruth et al, but I don’t think that it’s necessarily that suspicious that Chris I.B. made her facebook private. If I all of the sudden started piquing a lot of interest around the internet, I would make my facebook more private as well (though it never would have been that public to begin with), regardless of culpability.

          That said… I think her newfound privacy is probably coming from a guilty place.

    2. StephanieSays

      Was she at the Spam Museum in Mower County, MN? (I grew up there, just freaking curious about why anyone would stop there.)

    1. Admin Post author

      Yep. It’s very interesting. Once you get a handle on people who have factitious disorder, these sorts of things almost follow a script. They can never keep out vicious antagonists until it becomes strategically important to lock things down.

  4. Lainey

    Welp, since I can’t post it on her blog anymore, I’ll try it here and maybe she’ll see it. Plus I’ll have witnesses.

    Hey “Ruth,”

    I want my $20 back, please. You said on your blog that you would refund the money of anyone who requested it. So I’m asking.

        1. Admin Post author

          I don’t think you or anyone else who sent Chris money to any of her guises is dumb. I think people are more often than not are very kind and the financial and emotional support Chris has received over the year shows that human beings are pretty awesome. So just consider yourself awesome. ;)

          1. Sheena

            I know that I sent her $20 at one point (during college, before the sister showed up) when she mentioned how nice it was to be able to buy coffee. I was IN college, and knew exactly how nice it was to be able to buy coffee, and empathized. And $20 of my tax return went to someone I *thought* was another college student in need.

            I don’t feel cheated or stupid, really, but the evidence is showing me that I was naive. It happens. I’d still send $20 to a college kid who just wants some coffee — or, better yet, I’ll make a donation to the university’s food pantry (I work on campus and I know exactly where it is).

            I am definitely interested in seeing how this all plays out. The thing is, Chris could have turned every one of these scams into a novel, and they would have sold well.

    1. Lainey

      I think if I write her at this email address, she’ll just play dumb and maintain that she’s not “Ruth.”

        1. Admin Post author

          Paul, are you saying she is the Evie in the ABC article? If so, do you mind telling me how you know that? If you prefer to discuss it off the site, please contact me at contact@truth-about-ruth.com

          I am gobsmacked. If she is the Evie in this article, then that means Chris has been doing this for 12 years. I don’t even know what to say.

          1. Admin Post author

            Jesus Christ. She’s been doing this for 12 years. This is astonishing.

            So really there is no question if she will come back with a new identity. The question is when.

            I am so appalled. This whole situation now seems far more upsetting and darkly pathological.

            ETA: This comment is being interpreted as me confirming that Chris Izer-B* was involved in the Evie deception described in the links Paul produced. I had a visceral response and didn’t take into account how much it would seem like I was affirming Paul’s assertion. Rather, I was responding in a sort of “Jesus Chris, what else!” sort of way. Or at least that is what I meant – clearly that isn’t what I have conveyed. I have not investigated the Evie claim and have no idea as I type this whether it is valid. I’ll be more careful in my responses from here on out.

        2. Lainey

          I know her real name–but don’t you think she’ll just deny that she’s “Ruth?”

          Paul, how do you know of her, anyway? Are you from FJ?

        3. Moldly

          Good grief. Who knows how many times she’s actually done this? I wonder if there are anymore. What is the Denbo connection?

        4. Finder

          Paul, I don’t see the connection to Chris and Evie. There is a mention that PennMommy commented on the article, but I cannot even locate any comments for the article that you referenced. Although I fully believe that Chris has scammed so many people, I can’t seem to make any connections that prove that Chris is Evie. Am I missing something here?

          1. Admin Post author

            The Wayback machine comments have an interesting dialogue about the Penn Mommy/Scarlett75/Possummomma GDNNOP debacle, but I caution anyone against making any leaps that Evie is Chris. And to reiterate, because to some the Chris-Evie link has become a reason to assign bad motives to this site, unless I write in a detailed entry showing connections between Chris and any online identity, the presence of names in comments should not be misconstrued as evidence that an investigation has taken place and I have declared those names to be identities of Chris Izer-B*.

  5. okayobee

    I emailed her as well. If she doesn’t pay me back I’m reporting her to Paypal for fraud. If enough of us do this they might actually pay attention and investigate. This is a major Catfish in many ways. Instead of just pretending to be someone else for love and attention she has done so to rake in donations. As someone living with 3 autoimmune disorders and working more than full time this boils my blood. I thought I was helping a young woman in need and it turns out she’s a college educated able bodied grown woman. Disgusting! I wonder if the show Catfish would be interested in investigating something of this nature?

      1. Admin Post author

        I worry that would be inaccurate, Theresa. Everyone who gave money to Chris did so willingly and knowingly. I think a theft-by-fraud would be a more accurate way to approach matters with a credit card company.

    1. SoSadAboutItAll

      Okayobee, I’m so sorry. Reporting to pay pal is a good idea. How does one go about that. Regarding RR…as others have said….she obviously is a good writer and researcher…too bad she didn’t put those talents into simply being a fictional writer (that ADMITTED it was fiction), or a biographer.

    2. anna

      I have been reading the comments on this site. And had no idea ‘razing ruth was a scam. However I am encouraged there are people who have kind and good hearts in that they would give of themselves to help another in need. This is what helps me when I become discouraged over the ‘me,me,me’ mentality of our world and I thank God for people like you.

  6. Paul

    Report her to Paypal, and anyone else who will listen. This woman appears to have been committing fraud for upwards of 5 years. Not only is it selfish, it’s a felony. https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

    Okaybee – Catfish would be an interesting episode if they investigated this.

  7. Jennifer Chaffey

    Great idea everyone. I just e-mailed her that I, too, want my donation returned. Coincidentally, I just remembered my sister’s good friend is a big mucky-muck at Paypal. I will e-mail her immediately.

  8. okayobee

    Leave it to our government to have a fake looking site!

    Further looking around on https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx shows:

    CYBER CRIME AND THE IC3: As technology evolves, so does the criminal element. Nearly all crime that once was committed in person, by mail, or over the telephone can be committed virtually over the
    Internet. The criminal element is empowered by the perceived anonymity of the Internet and the
    ease of access to potential victims. Criminals use social engineering to prey on their victim’s
    sympathy, generosity, or vulnerability. The IC3 was designed to help address all types of cyber
    crime through its complaint system.

  9. Anon

    Interesting. I’ve read Razing Ruth for a while, but started doubting when she lost her Nanny position. I had a bit of a google and the scarlett75 username brings up a poker site. Munchausen’s by internet branching out into gambling addict? No idea if they’d be the same people. I can imagine scarlett75 being not an unusual username, but an escalation of gambling habits could explain the escalation of cash requests on the Razing Ruth blog.

    1. Admin Post author

      Thanks, Chloe. I have that in a spreadsheet of details about Chris’s various identities. I had so much to discuss that I left it out. :( Ugh! However, there will be an upcoming entry about all the identities, cross-referenced with each other and how they are remarkably similar in their behaviors.

  10. Kk

    The depth of this person’s illness is totally amazing. Writing as Chris, in Dec 2003, she is 28 yrs old and seeking advice on her upcoming hysterectomy. She is worried about weaning her youngest child, G* / (P3), from breast feeding.


    Then I find a blog entry written by Possummomma / Atheist-in-a-Minivan in Aug 2008 wherein she wishes her youngest child, *P4*, a happy birthday; it seems he is four yrs old.


    Neat trick to give birth after a hysterectomy, wouldn’t you say?

    1. Admin Post author

      I’ll let people look into this if they want but I would prefer not to direct people to her addresses, past or present.

      1. JTN

        I just sent them via email. I’m not saying you have to post them… but I’ve found such information to be useful in crosschecking other material (sorry, its the researcher in me).

    1. Some Girl

      I’m surprised there isn’t anything from Sam Harris here or on her wish list. She made mention of him on more than one occasion on her possum blog. I assume he is the reason she chose Harris as the name of her fictional boyfriend.

  11. Jana

    Interesting – if this Evie persona were her, it might make sense given this supposed atheist’s obsession with religion. In reading the ABC article, “Evie” had a husband named “Adam” and a sister named “Aisha”.

  12. Finder

    From her Amazon reviews and wish list items, it does seem as if she has a penchant towards Disney stuff. I know she attempted to raise funds for a Disney trip for her sister at one point in time.

  13. Beth

    If you guys can see her Facebook she stated her kids were moving to Chicago (post from Feb 2012) with their dad, and it was obvious she had been lying to everyone. Because even her Facebook friends commented on how none of them were aware the kids didn’t live with her! I also find it interesting that all of her “fake” names are biblical names yet Chris is a raging atheist…it seems her life is just one big lie!

  14. AdaJean

    I’ve read this, and all of the extensive Snark threads about RR at Free Jinger, and I’m getting an increasingly unsettled feeling about the tone and the levels of certainty being expressed.

    Reading really carefully through what you have connecting this person to the RR scam appears to boil down to:

    1) There’s a real life person identified here who blogs as Possummomma and has a string of other online identities;

    2) Possummomma’s IP was used to post by several identities identified with Pennmomma, and identity with a string of medical complaints and other details clearly not consistent with Possummomma’s life story. Some concluded from this that Pennmomma was a scam created by Possummomma for attention and sympathy, others at the time did not feel the evidence was strong enough. Possummomma claimed that she had Pennmomma+family staying with her, explaining the IP. Aspects of Pennmomma’s story seem not credible;

    3)Possummomma’s identities posted in some of the same circles and on the same topics as the blogger calling herself Razing Ruth. (Along, by the way, with thousands of others in these circles).

    4) Both Possummomma and RR have been living in Bakersfield, a location with a pop of roughly 350,000.

    5) 5 years after the events in 2, possummomma took a trip around the US that corresponded with a trip taken by the author of the RR blog, as testified by IP evidence from a chat board. (again, I’m not US-based so I don’t know how common this route is in Summer holidays, but I’m guessing at least hundreds of peeps, maybe thousands, may also meet that criteria).

    Now, I’d be the first to point out that it looks suspicious. And even likely that these people are connected. But describing this as beyond a doubt is an exaggeration. It wouldn’t come close to ensuring an arrest in legal terms, never mind a successful prosecution. It would be enough of a lead to start an investigation, but not to conclude one.

    So the fact that people are treating this as a given – and potentially ruining someone’s life in the process – is starting to really concern me.

    I am one of the many who really appreciate the work various peeps have done, including this blog owner, to expose the high likality that the RR blog was a fraud. Really – awesome work. Stopped more people being ripped off, and in the long run, assisted the integrity of those arguing that QF etc. is harmful.

    I just don’t see the same need now to exact swift vengeance on someone for perpetrating it when, unless I’ve missed something, the evidence is still pretty weak in “certainty” as opposed to “probability” terms. It’s not going to help people get their money back. And there is the potential for pretty serious harm if it really is just a string of unlikely coincidences. (And the reason our justice system has a high standard for proof is that unlikely coincidences do happen).

    Part of life on the internet to me, is getting used to the fact there’s lot of stuff you don’t know. That’s the mantra that stopped me from donating to RR (i could claim I had doubts all along, or that I was totally suckered, cause I wavered between them. In the end, I just didn’t know – and I knew I didn’t). But it’s also the impulse making me more and more uncomfortable with the current discussion.

    1. Admin Post author

      AdaJean, there is literally nothing I can do to quell your concerns except keep writing, which will only add to your concerns. I personally am certain. I am certain because I have eaten, slept and breathed nothing but Chris Izer-B* for weeks. I wouldn’t have started this blog were I not certain.

      But to address your points:

      1) Yes, Chris Izer-B* is the real person behind all of these identities.

      2) This is incorrect as per what I posted. Chris Izer-B*’s own posts and words have shown her to be Possummomma. That identity isn’t even a question anymore. But Possummomma’s IP address was never a part of my calculus that linked Penn Mommy to Chris. It was the evidence Penn Mommy used. Under Scarlett75, Jhawksgirl(1) and Penn Mommy, a common IP address was used and a Picasa account that belonged to Chris Izer-B* was used for Penn Mommy’s pictures. Jhawksgirl also owned the Possummomma website. I have not yet addressed the entire Penn Mommy debacle so it’s inaccurate to assign anything to me other than what I have written but I have stated nothing about Penn Mommy and Possummomma having the same IP address.

      3) Again, this isn’t anything discussed on this blog. When Chris blogs, she generally keeps her IDs separate, though she does avail herself of sock puppets. I don’t recall writing anything to the effect that her IDs blogged or commented in similar circle because outside of the Penn Mommy mess, they have all remained in more or less individual parts of the Internet. I have yet to see any recent crossover of that kind unless you consider atheist and anti-Gothard communities the same.

      4) It’s a bit more than two people who live in the same town. Possummomma, Ruth, Scarlett75, Penn Mommy, Jhawksgirl(1) and Chris Izer-B* all live in Bakersfield. Penn Mommy, Scarlet75, Jhawksgirl and others all share a common IP address as revealed in the Penn Mommy scandal.

      5) I am unsure what you mean here because since your premise is incorrect in two – that Possummommy’s IP address was linked to Penn Mommy. Are you asking if the RR/Chris Izer-B* link up via Free Jinger happened five years after the Penn Mommy debacle, then yes, it was five years later. But be aware that other identities and other blogs were active during that five years so if you are asserting that nothing happened in those five years, that’s incorrect.

      Given that you oversimplified the evidence presented and in one case seem to have misunderstood the connection I showed between one of the links among all these names, I don’t know how to address the rest of your concerns. Thanks for voicing them, however, and hopefully other entries will show you enough information so that you are no longer concerned.

  15. Jane

    Admin, I can’t reply to your reply, so I’ll comment here.

    I had no intention of claiming that Evie is C. From what I understood, the comments over there evolved, as discussions normally do, and C was mentioned.

    I posted the link because I thought it was pertinent to the discussion here, not as proof of yet another sock puppet.

    If I caused any trouble, please accept my apologies. Please feel free to delete my previous comment.

    I should go ahead and introduce myself. I used to lurk on FJ around the time that the Emily/DNA saga was going on. I posted a few times, but can’t even remember my username over there. I found that forum to be unwelcoming.
    I kept on lurking for a few months and remember reading some of the “Is Ruth real” threads. I remember thinking that she was a very clever sock puppet for coming to the forum and very gently sending anyone with doubt into a guilt trip every time her story was questioned.

    Eventually I stopped going to FJ altogether and only yesterday came across this blog through the Warrior Eli Hoax facebook.

    1. Admin Post author

      You don’t have to apologize. I replied to that comment so as to head off at the pass those who think I am attempting to link Chris Izer-B* with every wrong-doing from the JFK assassination to kidnapping the Lindbergh baby. It’s come up with the first reference to Evie and I want everyone to be clear that until I research and post about an identity, the discussion of it in comments is not a de facto declaration that it has been proved we can add another name to the list of Chris’ ruses.

      So there’s no need to edit the comment – it has very interesting comments attached to it about Chris – and there is certainly no need for you to feel bad for mentioning it.

      1. Elizabeth Jane

        I don’t want to be difficult, but I want to clarify that this is a different Jane. I have also posted under that name. I’ll attempt to change my sign-in.

        1. Jane

          Please don’t change your sign-in name. You used it before I did, so if anyone caused confusion it was me. (one of my super powers)

          Jane is my real name and it didn’t occur to me to use something else to comment, sorry. I’ll use mawelucky from now on.

          1. Elizabeth Jane

            Jane’s my real name too – I’m usually not too concerned about others using it b/c despite the myth that it’s a common name, it really isn’t. I’m always quite surprised to come across another Jane!

            No worries; getting involved in confusing situations is one of my specialties. I’ll just stay with “Elizabeth Jane” – that way if a third Jane comes along (it will be inevitable now!!) we can keep everyone clear.


    1. Elizabeth Jane

      Admin knows about him.

      He apparently was identified some time ago as a friend and supporter of Ms. Izer. He is posting on Free Jinger so you might want to look there for more information.

    2. Admin Post author

      Calladus is a man who has been deceived like everyone else. He did indeed meet Chris Izer-B*. That’s all I can say about the actual meeting because I have to verify a couple of other sources before I even think about telling the story. His theories are based on an ironclad belief in Chris not dissimilar to the iron-clad belief people had in Ruth. His wife had a hidden illness – a heart condition – and died a couple of years ago and I firmly believe Chris has exploited his kind, trusting and emotionally sad heart. If ever there was a man who would defend hidden illness, it is Calladus (except SLE is seldom a hidden illness if one has the flare-ups Chris claimed, but we’ll get to that later…)

      But once I can get my ducks in a row – if I can get them in a row – I will discuss what happened the day Calladus met Chris. Until then it’s just chatter I haven’t been able to verify.

      But because I know for a fact that Chris Izer-B* does not have lupus, SLE or otherwise, I know what when down when Calladus met her was completely fabricated.

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