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Life Lesson 4c: always treat your friends with honesty and respect

When Isabelle realized that Chris had been behind the Razing Ruth blog, she reread the blog and quite a bit of the blog jumped out at her.  Because Isabelle is a reader at Free Jinger and has an interest in fundamentalism due to her own life experiences, she reads the blogs of other fundamentalists and as a result realized that Chris had either demonstrated a deep interest in some fundamentalist blogs or ripped off her stories from those blogs.  Isabelle also realized Chris had borrowed details from her own stories she shared in her blogs.

Interesting Links to Razing Ruth

Isabelle remembered that at some point, Chris told them about Emily from Under $1000 a Month, the lunatic frugal-living blog that for a while had parts of the blogosphere concerned as Emily starved her husband near to death and served tube meat and window-sill salads in the place of real meals.  Evidently Chris spent an entire evening detailing Emily’s foibles.  We’ve discussed Ruth’s nasty reaction to Emily.  I’ve said before that Chris cannot help but pepper her frauds and lies with details from her real life.  This is a pretty good example.

But there are some more specific examples that showed up in the Razing Ruth blog. Continue reading

Splitcoastfollies, Part 6: Connecting the Dots

If you missed the previous Splitcoaststampers entries, you can find them here:  Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five

Initially, I considered all the interesting statements I plan to discuss to be ironic, but some really aren’t.  Baldfaced lies are not irony.  They just sort of seem ironic when you are in a position to know the real truth (so to speak and pun not intended but not repudiated either).  Chris has a fascinating tendency to talk often about things that are important to her without any real fear that anyone will ever clue in and see how all her various personalities and incarnations had common interests.  I found a slew of moments wherein Chris revealed information that showed links between her and Penn Mommy or Razing Ruth.  Of course everything I will be discussing here could be rank coincidence but again I ask that everyone look at the whole of the piece.  There is that old saying that one time is chance, a second time is coincidence, and a third time is a pattern.  Here we will see a pattern wherein Chris reveals interests that give away her ties to her alter egos.

Chris also periodically engages in rants and aphorisms that, given how she has chosen to live her life, are pathetic or hilarious, depending on your outlook.  So let’s look at some of the more noteworthy comments Chris has made on Splitcoaststampers.

All Kinds of Accidental Irony

Here’s a moment wherein there was actually some irony.  The whole thread is a bit muddled to me because it got so heated a mod removed some nasty comments.  If you want to read the whole thing, it is pretty informative because it shows that by 2009 people were becoming very tired of Chris and the kid gloves that some mods used to handle her.  The thread is about Madonna being turned down in an adoption and evidently harsh words were exchanged and someone mentioned that it was dreadful that someone on the site referred to her children as “possums.”  A poster named “LDSDinks1993″ remarked that she had no idea anyone would call her children possums and discussed how gross she finds the creatures.  Chris retorted thusly:

Latin = possum – to be very clever and able

Yes. Horrible thing to call your children.

This is ironic to me on two levels.  First, Chris is only half correct.  “Possum” is the first person, present tense of the verb “potens,” which means “able or capable.”  It has nothing to do with being clever.  God help me, I had five years of Latin, two spent with the late but always great Anthony D’Amico at UNT.  Two things that all Latin students take to their graves are the conjugation for the word “love” and the phrase Possum Latine loqui, which means “I can speak Latin” and is itself an ironic statement because outside of school kids chanting “hic, haec, hoc,” no one actually speaks Latin.  So “possum” as a verb has nothing to do with being very clever and it’s ironic that someone trying to attribute the characteristics of cleverness to her children didn’t use a word that actually conveys that idea.  Continue reading

The Splitcoaststampers Follies, Part 3: Where the Wild Strawberry Grows

As I said in my last update, until Friday of next week, I am moderately hosed, time-wise, so I am going to write some shorter entries that will have more of a fun tone than other entries.  No sick kids, no lies about dead family members, no stolen money – just good, old-fashioned lying on the Internet.

If you missed the first installments of the Splitcoaststampers Follies, you can catch them here:
Part One
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As we discuss the more serious problems with Chris Izer-B*’s online scams and frauds, it’s tempting to leave out the more venial transgressions just from the perspective of time management.  But I think it’s important to focus even on the little lies because they are a part of the picture of Chris’ complete lack of honor and ethics online.  Her “tapestry,” if you will.  She lies compulsively and reflexively.  She lies by habit.  She lies in order to win arguments. She lies for attention.  She lies almost as often as she types.  At times it can be quite funny, reading all her lies, if you sort of don’t think about the really crappy things she has done outside of telling pointless lies.

Beyond humor, I discuss these lies because I hope that people who still have faith in Chris’ various scams, especially those who cling to the notion that she was not Penn Mommy, read this and ask themselves: “If she lies about strawberries, what makes me think she is telling me the truth about something as important as being hacked and defamed by a distant family member?”  Seriously, no one reading this is so special that he or she will be the sole person to whom Chris told the truth.  And if she will lie like a rug to win an argument about organic farming, it stands to reason she will also lie like a bad toupee in order to avoid the shame and accusations that come when a bored housewife creates an online alter ego to crush Kate Gosselin.

Because people are concerned about viruses on SCS, I am reproducing the entire quotes here so you don’t have to click my links to see the quote.  I wanted to make screenshots and upload them here but I am so pressed for time at the moment that I can’t do that.  However, people on PCs have told me that the site has cleaned up this issue.  Click with caution but I think you are all safe.  Let me know if you experience any issues on SCS.  Continue reading

The Penn Mommy Rosetta Stone

It’s weird to realize that the Penn Mommy mess covered less than six weeks of time from the beginning of Penn Mommy’s blog to Chris being outed as Penn Mommy.  I jokingly call this the Penn Mommy Rosetta Stone because I hope to have all the relevant Penn Mommy information in one entry so that anyone who stumbles across this can have all they need to make an informed decision about who was behind this fraud.  Once you have all the data in one place, I believe there is no question that Chris was Penn Mommy.  But we all have to make our own decisions in life and hopefully just having all of this information in one place will help.

Ground Rules for This Post

The Gosselin family’s antics (Kate’s a shrew, Jon’s a bum, the kids are neglected, Kate’s a saint, Jon’s a pushover, etc.) are not the topic of this entry.  Please, for my sanity, only discuss the Gosselin family in reference to Penn Mommy/Chris’ antics.

Reading the internecine warfare that took place between some of the Gosselin sites made me question my belief in man as an intelligent, creative force on this planet.  We can discuss the warfare in terms of how it permitted the Penn Mommy fraud to play out.  We can discuss the warfare as a thing that happened.  But if the warfare spills over into this entry, wherein people discuss how site A was cool and site B was filled with idiots, or arguments erupt between site fans, I will ban everyone involved, track them down on Google maps and sow their yards with salt.  The desire of people who did not even know the Gosselins to harm others who had a different opinion about the family was unpleasant to read through and I won’t abide it on this site.

Cast of Characters

Penn Mommy: Chris posing as a woman named Corrine/Corrinne/Corinne Haas who lived in Pennsylvania.  She was a stewardess/stay-at-home-mom, a distant relative to Chris Izer-B*, and had three sons.  She could not settle on a spelling for her first name and she had a hard time remembering her own back story.  She created the site In Support of the Real Truth to reveal what she had seen behind the scenes with the Gosselin family.

Jonah/Jonas Haas: Penn Mommy’s oldest son.  He was at Cornell law school and his name was not spelled the same way consistently.

William Haas: Chris posing as Penn Mommy’s middle son.  He was the one who reported to various Gosselin websites all of the medical maladies that befell his brother.  His writing style seems very much like his mother’s.

Jason Haas:  Penn Mommy’s youngest son.  He was attending his first semester at USC and fell ill with appendicitis.  He died from complications of a stroke after surgery.  His college of choice and illness ostensibly explain why it was his mother was in California when she claimed she lived in Pennsylvania.

Becky Haas:  A sock that posted about how wonderful Penn Mommy was.  Despite having the same last name, Becky never revealed any sort of family connection to Penn Mommy’s family.

Aunt Jodi:  Kate Gosselin’s sister-in-law, married to Kate Gosselin’s brother.  She is a real person but Chris or someone else posed as her at one point because she never had a blog.  Depending on the Gosselin site you read, Aunt Jodi is a saint who was a force of kindness and stability in the Gosselin kids’ lives or she is a grasping money-grubber who tried to horn in on the Gosselin fame.

Julie Brown:  Jodi’s sister.  She is a real person and maintains a blog called Truth Breeds Hatred.   This is an anti-Kate Gosselin blog and from all appearances, it is a real blog, or real in that she is not a Chris Izer-B* sock puppet.  Julie outright vouched for Penn Mommy’s authenticity despite never setting eyes on her.

Ricksgirlfriday: Suspected sock.  I cannot prove that this is Chris but at the same time, Ricksgirlfriday claims she met Penn Mommy in the flesh and that she looks nothing like Chris.  Since Chris is Penn Mommy, I concluded it was Chris pretending yet again.

Bethanna, MrsBananabethanna, Bananabethanna: I will be discussing this name more in depth later because these identities are tied to a person who Chris knew in real life.  This is a “hermit crab” identity (commenter Ariel describes Chris like a hermit crab, assuming the names of people around her as her sock puppets, similar to the way a hermit crab will abandon its shell and go in search of a shell that belonged to another crab).  The real Bethann never left a single comment on any of these sites. The Bethanna socks have a close tie to Possummomma/Chris Izer-B in other places online. They will definitely be coming up again outside of Penn Mommy.

Jhawksgirl1: A proven sock puppet of Chris Izer-B*.

etown mom: A sock used to float improbable Gosselin stories on GDNNOP.

Bohemian Moon: A real person with a real blog.  Many think she was a sock puppet but she wasn’t.  She supported Penn Mommy in the beginning.

Karen:  Again, this is Chris.  In this comment,  Jhawksgirl1 outs herself as Karen. Karen and variations of the name (Corinna, Corrine, Korinne, etc) are hallmarks of Chris’ sock puppets.  And because Jhawksgirl1 is Chris, that means Chris is Karen.

*Serena:  She sets off my alarm bells but I have never been able to determine if she is a real person.  So I suspect her but can prove nothing.

FIONA:  She’s got some intense opinions but she is a real person who just got caught up in this whole mess.  I mention her because her name shows up all the time in these accounts.  But she is not a sock.  And the extremity of her opinions made her a convenient scapegoat for Chris’ inevitable accusations of stalking

David:  Another hermit crab sock for Chris Izer-B*.  David exists in real life and is friends with Chris – his name is David Cameron Sylvester – but he never posted on any of Chris’ sites (or at least I hope he didn’t because otherwise he has a lot of explaining to do).  He will show up again, much like the Bethann socks will.  He is important because this sock posted an explanation of how it was Chris could not be behind the Penn Mommy fraud.

Peppermint Patty: A known Chris Izer-B* sock, and a mod on GWoP.  She is not mentioned much but she is a lynch pin, of sorts.  She is how it is that Chris got enough information to pass herself off as a Gosselin insider.  ETA: I misinterpreted the information I was given about Chris. Chris/Peppermint Patty wasn’t a mod but had access to insider information through her usual way of cozying up to other people who did have crucial information.

*Peri:  She created a parody site of GDNNOP and some people claimed she was Chris.  This one fizzled out and I don’t know one way or the other but I tend to think this was not Chris.

GDNNOP:  Website called Gosselins Do Not Need Our Pity.  This was the site that revealed Chris was behind Penn Mommy.  The mods on the site were subjected to a lot of unpleasant behavior online, including accusations of stalking and harassing a family whose son had just died.

GWoP:  A heavily anti-Kate Gosselin snark site that came about when TWoP (Television Without Pity) cracked down on and eventually banned all commenting on the Jon & Kate Plus Eight show’s page on the forum.  GWoP believed and supported Penn Mommy.  Some from the site still support Penn Mommy to this day.  For a while, the site had up an “In Memoriam” statement for the fictional Jason Haas.

GWoP Without Pity: Inception level-stuff here.  GWoPWoP was created to snark the people who created a site so they could snark the Gosselins.  Make sense?  Lots of bad information came from the entries on this site – this is where the rumor that Chris had been on a Half-Ton Mom show came about.  But this site also backed up Google Reader copies of information that later got deleted from the relevant sites.

P3:  The moniker Chris gave her own daughter on her site, Atheist in a Minivan.  P3, interestingly, had an attack of appendicitis right around the time Jason Haas died from appendicitis.  However, and this is interesting, Jason’s fatal brush with appendicitis came before P3′s appendix removal.  Was P3 exhibiting signs of appendicitis before Chris invoked Jason Haas dying, or was it just a bizarre coincidence that Chris’ actual child developed the ailment that killed Penn Mommy’s fictional child?  No one will ever know because I doubt Chris will ever discuss this with me.

*these names are not mentioned in this entry but they came up so often that I felt I needed to mention them.

The Short Version

Once upon a time there was a television show devoted to the Gosselin family.  They had a set of twins and then a set of sextuplets and their life became a circus on TV and online.  Joel McHale made fun of them, people snarked them and they inspired much criticism and consternation.  Because the threads on TWoP were evidently more than the mods there wanted to deal with, the thread got shut down and those who found they still had a lot to say about the Gosselin family reassembled on Gosselins Without Pity.  GWoP quickly became a place where Kate Gosselin was not well liked.  Chris was a mod on GWoP under the name Peppermint Patty.  (ETA: I misinterpreted the information I was given about Chris. Chris/Peppermint Patty wasn’t a mod but had access to insider information through her usual way of cozying up to other people who did have crucial information.) Continue reading

We Need to Talk About Chris, Part 3

If you haven’t read Parts One and Two in this series, have a look, especially Part One, as it explains my decision calculus in how I used the information people have told me about Chris. Since none of them wanted their names associated with the information, I had to be very careful in how I use what they told me, so if you have any questions about how I decided what to share and what to discard, read Part One.

Hopefully this entry will be significantly shorter than the first two, but this entry is of importance to anyone who still holds out hope that Chris was not the force behind the Razing Ruth blog. While IP evidence may not be enough for people who believe in false flag attacks against middling atheist bloggers, the information I am about to share is certainly food for thought. While not completely conclusive, it is more circumstantial evidence that shows the presence of Christina Izer-B* in the Razing Ruth blog.  Continue reading

Razing Ruth: A Munchausen’s by Internet Examination

Though I am sure I will be discussing more from the Razing Ruth blog, this is my last planned entry before I move on to Chris Izer-B*’s other online identities.  In this entry, I will show how it is that Razing Ruth exhibits key elements of being a Munchausen by Internet blog.  Because Munchausen by Internet as a rule tends to focus on medical issues – the bloggers fake illnesses and accidents for sympathy – and because Chris Izer-B* used Razing Ruth as a cash cow blog via various medical and non-medical forms of malingering, Razing Ruth may not always match up perfectly with all the signifiers of a Munchausen by Internet blog.  But the blog matches up to several key elements as described by Dr. Marc Feldman, the nation’s leading expert in Munchausen syndrome, Munchausen by Proxy, factitious disorders, malingering and Munchausen by Internet.

As an aside, several people have told me that Dr. Feldman is aware of Chris and that one of his graduate students had followed Chris’ antics online before anyone ever linked her to the Razing Ruth blog.  Once I am finished discussing all of the Razing Ruth blog I plan to contact Dr. Feldman about what we all have discovered about Chris’ recent activities.  I have no idea if such information would be helpful to him – he may very well already know all of this – but it couldn’t hurt.

Before we begin, let’s define some terms.  A factitious disorder is a psychological condition wherein people fake illnesses or dire life events, like stalkings or kidnappings, in order to get attention and sympathy.  Engaging in these behaviors online can be called “virtual factitious disorder” or Munchausen by Internet.  I prefer the latter.  When a person writes lies about a member of their family being stalked or being very ill, that is just a variant of Munchausen by Internet.  And when a person solicits money by engaging in Munchausen by Internet, that is called malingering.  A person is only malingering when they fake symptoms or scenarios for some form of gain beyond attention or sympathy, generally in the form of money or gifts.

The connection between malingering and Razing Ruth is abundantly clear – Chris Izer-B*, a suburban woman going through a divorce and later living as a divorced woman with four children, was never involved in any manner in a Christian cult.  She had no difficulty entering the secular world after years of abuse.  All that money she raised was malingering.  She has no sisters.  She has a single older brother.  So all the money she raised for “Rachel” was malingering – she engaged in a form of Munchausen by Internet for attention with a side goal of raising money.   And the job in Chicago?  Not an illness, but certainly an urgent situation that could be remedied by money.  The money-raising elements of Razing Ruth are so obvious they really need little discussion.  Ruth never existed so all of the problems in Ruth’s life never existed.  Therefore every penny Ruth asked for was Chris Izer-B* malingering.

Of course, you don’t know a person is malingering until they’ve been outed as a fake, but in retrospect all of the malingering is so clear.  I think the only way to know a person is malingering is to be conscious of the commonalities that researchers like Dr. Marc Feldman have discovered amongst people who engage in Munchausen by Internet activities online.  Dr. Feldman’s criteria mostly focuses on forums and message boards, places commonly haunted by Munchausen by Internet sufferers.  But his criteria can be flexible, and when applied to elements of how Chris Izer-B* behaved online, shows how Razing Ruth was a Munchausen by Internet blog.

Even though some of Dr. Feldman’s criteria refer to illness, people who engage in Munchausen by Internet stir up pity and attention via a number of different scenarios.  Munchausen by Internet accounts may be suffering from illnesses, but sometimes they are the victims of stalking, extreme harassment, and various forms of abuse.  Razing Ruth hit all of these with her physical accidents, her claims of family members and strange outliers stalking her and harassing her, and the abuse she suffered as a child.  She also created a number of highly charged dramas, like needing money to get to the Chicago job, the breakup with Harris and her sister Rachel’s pregnancy and subsequent adoption of Ellie to a lesbian couple.  And though I hate to do it before I get to Possummomma in depth, I will be mentioning some of the Munchausen by Internet symptoms Chris’ other alters portrayed.  I will be discussing those in depth much later.

Much of the information I used to dissect Razing Ruth as a Munchausen by Internet blog comes from Dr. Marc Feldman’s book Playing Sick: Untangling the Web of Munchausen Syndrome, Munchausen by Proxy, Malingering and Factitious Disorder.  Chapter 12 deals exclusively with Munchausen by Internet and informs a lot of what I know about the disorder.  Since I suspect there are few people out there with this handy book just sitting on their shelves, you can check up on elements that I discuss here in the Wikipedia overview of Munchausen by Internet and by reading Dr. Feldman’s own site devoted to his work with all these disorders.  Continue reading

Money Is the Root of All Blogging, Part Two

Part Two of “Money Is the Root of All Blogging” is going to demonstrate how some of the fundraising on Razing Ruth fit very neatly into the legal life of Chris Izer-B*.  There are some very interesting correlations between what happened to Chris in court and in real life and what happened on the Razing Ruth blog.  Let’s dive right in.

As shown in Part One, Ruth’s full-court presses to get money happened in clusters.  These clusters make sense when you know a few details about Christina Izer-B*’s life.  All of the information I am about to share is information anyone can get online.  It’s part of the California public records, and you can find it yourself here.  All you need is the first and last name of the two parties in the divorce of Christina Izer-B*.

Because trying to post snippets from the court records completely borked this site’s formatting and made this entry so long even I despaired of the length, I am going to present summaries from the court records with the occasional direct quote.  I also prefer to do it this way because I am less likely to overlook removing a last name or the names of one of her children  Please, by all means, look into these records for yourself using the link above.  If by now you haven’t been able to determine Chris’ last name, contact me and I’ll let you know.

I also want to state emphatically that there are two sides to every divorce.  I don’t know all the ins and outs of the situation between Chris and her ex-husband, Michael B*.  But what the court records demonstrate does not show Chris in a good light at all and shows how it is she needed money she obtained as Ruth to survive toward the end of the blog.  The Possummomma financial scam is wholly different than the financial scams she ran as Ruth and I will discuss those scam in the fullness of time.

It is here that I want to thank a reader whose first initial is A.  She helped a lot in the beginning as I decided whether or not to launch this site.  It was she who found the court records and highlighted the important parts, making this next section so much easier for me.  Though she did not want to be acknowledged by full name, I want to thank her.  And it will come up again – once this site took off, all I’ve had to do since is verify information. Various readers have led me to so much evidence it is mind-boggling.  I may be doing the writing but many of you are doing the research and I thank you all.  Continue reading

Money Is the Root of All Blogging, Part One

Chris Izer-B* employed a lot of manipulations and tactics to raise funds on the Razing Ruth blog.  She was so good at what can only be described as jerking people around that as people doubted Ruth, readers were quick to say that Ruth never once asked for money outright.  Readers insisted that Ruth only put up a tip jar because people asked her to do it.  The real facts became lost behind all the drama and exploitation Chris used as she raised money on her blog.  Part One of “Money Is the Root of All Blogging” will discuss how it is Ruth came to have her tip jar and how she used drama and manipulation to get people to donate money to her.  I had intended for this to be one entry but it would be cruel to my readers to put this all up at once.  There will be a Part Two that discusses how Ruth’s online begging corresponded to events in Chris’ life.

 She Only Put Up the Tip Jar Because People Asked Her To?

As I have researched the Razing Ruth blog, a common defense that Ruth was not a scam artist is that she only put up the tip jar because people asked her to do it because they wanted to help her.  This is not in any way supported by the documentation from Free Jinger or from the Razing Ruth blog.  In fact, in a search on tip jars on the old Free Jinger Yuku site, the words “tip jar” and “tip jars” don’t come up until after Ruth mentions it herself on her blog.  Ruth mentions tip jars on 1/22/10 in her blog and the first reference to tip jars on Free Jinger happens on 1/30/10.  I can find no evidence that anyone on Free Jinger ever encouraged a tip jar before Ruth put one up.  Some supported it after the fact, but no one mentioned it before she did.  (The old Yuku site is buggy on searches so if my link stops working, you can search on the site yourself if need be.)

The first time a tip jar comes up on Razing Ruth is on 1/22/10.  In a prior entry Ruth had described how she makes a soup that is inexpensive when she is low on funds, an entry inspired from her criticism of Emily from the horrifying Less than $1000 blog.  Eight days later, she says people had wanted to help her after she had spoken about being broke:

I appreciate the many offers of help. I don’t respond to them because I’m not fluent enough about internet ettiquette to know if it’s in poor taste to accept help from my online friends. I’ve also seen the ladies on Sybermom or FreeJinger suggest that help is usually the sign of a bad blog so I don’t want to join those ranks.

The problem is, although I would love help and appreciate it, your offers mean so much to me that that’s help enough for my soul. Second problem – I wouldn’t know how to accept the help through a computer.

Please don’t think I’ve been ignoring the e-mails and comments about gift cards. They touched my heart. I am blessed just to know you.

Note we don’t see any actual comments from her readers about tip jars.  When Ruth writes about being broke, people share cheap recipes and offer what I call “poor skills” – advice on how to manage while having little money.  If you look through the comments on all the entries that preceded Ruth putting up her tip jar, you will see a single comment wherein anyone mentions putting up a tip jar or offering financial assistance to Ruth.  Continue reading

Secrets and Lies, Part Six: The Ruth Chronicles

We have come to the end of the “Secrets and Lies” entries, and this one is a shorter one, but if I have left out anything strange that you noticed, hopefully you will share those lies in the comments.  If you missed the first five “Secrets and Lies” installments, you can read them here:  Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four and Part Five

I know that the average person isn’t as near-lunatic in their desire to crunch on details as I am, but even the most laid-back approach to truth should find appalling the number of weird situations, errors, inconsistencies and lies in Razing Ruth.  But I hope this look at all the lies shows how easy it is for an unscrupulous person to trick people.  Lies spread out over time combined with a pitiful and compelling narrative almost force decent people to overlook the obvious.  And while I don’t recommend that we all begin tearing apart every blog entry we read for signs of lying (because it’s an exhausting way to go through life, mainly), once a person learns the basics of how those engaged in Munchausen by Internet operate, it becomes so much easier to see one coming and avoid it.

So let’s finish this up.  Let’s get to the last lies of Ruth.

Hands up!  Who’s met Ruth?

Anyone?  Anywhere?  Nope. Continue reading

Secrets and Lies, Part 5, The Ruth Chronicles

I am so relieved that we are nearing the end of discussing all the errors in Razing Ruth, all the lies, inconsistencies and just plain bizarre plot elements Chris Izer-B* used to emotionally and financially manipulate her readers.  After this there is just one more “Secrets and Lies” entry with hopefully two more additional entries to finally close the chapter on the book of Ruth.  Then it will really start getting interesting.  And horrible.  If you’ve missed the first four installments in the “Secrets and Lies” series, you can read them here:  Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four

This entry is a bit longer than the others so I’m just going to cut to the chase.  Let’s begin by discussing Ruth’s Chicago dreams.

The Job in Chicago

This is another situation wherein it is quite possible some of this could have happened. I suspect several of you in professional positions have seen people hired across the country without so much as a Skype interview, but I also suspect that it really is only a few people.  But bear in mind that again we are discussing the gestalt of the Razing Ruth blog.  It’s not one little thing – it’s all those little things.

Chris has deleted most of the entries about the job in Chicago but never fear, I have them saved.  On May 15, 2013, Ruth reveals she has been offered a librarian job in Chicago and needs financial help to take it.  She hilariously claims this is the first time she has ever solicited money, something I will disprove in a future entry, but she definitely asks for help from readers to help send her to Chicago.  Her previous entries had been one long litany of how broke she was, how hopeless her life was – this job would save Ruth and her friends sent her money, hoping for once their online friend could catch a break.

On 5/16/13, Ruth posts an entry explaining why she needs money and offers details about the job.  The job pays just under $14 an hour but has the potential for a raise after a period of time, plus benefits.  On 5/19/13, she discusses how much money has been donated (note:  if you have given money to Ruth and have not reported to me or on Free Jinger the amount, please do so in comments or via e-mail).

So yay, everything is coming up roses!  Except none of it makes a lick of sense.  Continue reading