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Secrets and Lies: The Many Problems in the Razing Ruth Blog

In this entry I plan to analyze the many weird problems one encounters in the Razing Ruth blog.  I am going to enumerate the many inconsistencies, strange statements, excessive drama, psychological manipulations and outright lies one finds in the whole of Razing Ruth.  One of the statements that comes up often when people express surprise that Razing Ruth is fraudulent is that the blog seemed so very real.  Indeed, it did.  No one can deny that Chris Izer-B* can spin a riveting tale.  I myself recall several intense scenes from the tale of Ruth.  Her father’s reaction when she got her first period was amazing writing.  The way Ruth was forced to stop playing at age 4 to assume the role of a little mother to her younger siblings was heart-wrenching.

As I read and reread Razing Ruth, I began to understand that Chris Izer-B*’s talent at weaving a tale helped keep a lot of criticism at bay because while we were all marveling at the images she created for us, we forgot to ask how it is a 50+ year-old woman managed to get pregnant without any sort of medical intervention, which is just one of many other utterly incredulous moments in the narrative.

As you read, please realize each individual error in and of itself does not condemn the entirety of the Razing Ruth blog.  Rather, it is the extraordinary number of errors, dramas and inconsistencies that show bad faith.  I know some people want a smoking gun in terms of evidence against Chris Izer-B*.  I cannot provide that.  People have spoken of how this blog is nothing but circumstantial evidence, but the only direct evidence that is possible in a case like this is if someone watched as Chris Izer-B* logged onto the Internet and blogged all of her lies and could attest that they watched the words come out of her keyboard as she typed them.  Everything else is circumstantial evidence, including IP addresses.  But with enough circumstantial evidence we come to a place wherein we have to invoke Occam’s Razor.  Is it likely with so much circumstantial evidence that it is all coincidence and Chris Izer-B* never scammed a single person, or will there be so much circumstantial evidence that there can be no reasonable explanation except to understand that Chris Izer-B* scammed people.  But I want to make it clear to all who read here that there is no direct evidence in this case, or at least there isn’t any I’ve seen yet or any I can use in this blog.

So let’s begin discuss of the many little factual red flags and bizarre elements of Razing Ruth. Continue reading