Let’s Raze Ruth once and for all

I can’t recall when I first became aware of Razing Ruth, but I do know it was via the site Free Jinger, probably during 2011 sometime.  I am very interested in Dominionism and patriarchical Christian cults, and Ruth and many who felt strongly about her situation posted at Free Jinger.  I read all of Ruth’s posts on No Longer Quivering and occasionally skimmed her blog, but never paid a lot of attention to the posts about her on Free Jinger.  I was more interested in Michael Pearl and his family and other very malignant Christian bloggers.

But I did read Ruth from time to time because her story was quite interesting.  Ruth began blogging in 2009. The impetus to start her blog seems to have come from her posts on the site Television Without Pity, where she discussed her own experiences in a Quiverfull family in the Duggar family threads under the name “ofduggar.”  She eventually started her own blog and linked to it in the Duggar forum so that she could share her experiences, and she eventually built up a nice number of people reading her.  I will share direct links to all of this information in a later entry.

Ruth spoke of fleeing from her ATI family at age 17 and the troubles she had experienced trying to assimilate into a secular world after years of emotional, spiritual, and physical abuse that came from living in a legalistic, fundamentalist Christian cult.  Her blog expressed her travails in college, her poverty, her engagement and the dissolution of that relationship, and the troubles she faced from her family.  She placed a tip jar on her site and eventually began to ask for contributions on a semi-regular basis.

Everyone seems to have a moment wherein they realized Ruth was likely not telling the truth about her life.  My own moment came when I read that her teenaged sister, made pregnant at an ATI convention, had fled her family six months pregnant and came to Ruth for help.  When she had the baby, she adopted it out to a lesbian family.  Of course all of that could be true, but nothing about it had the ring of truth.  “Yeah, whatever,” I thought and I stopped reading Ruth.

But about two weeks ago, the topic of Ruth came up on another forum I follow, called Get Off My InternetsIn the discussion of Ruth, someone brought up that she had said on TWoP that she had been a mother, and in very clear language said she had given birth to her own child.  Throughout all of Ruth’s blogging on NLQ and Razing Ruth, she had never mentioned that she had given birth to a child.  For some reason, this detail just poked at my brain until I found myself doing what I do so often – researching.

Within 20 minutes of research, I knew Razing Ruth was probably a fake blog, but it took a bit longer to realize that this was more than just another “Catfish” blog wherein someone passes him or herself off as another person.  People were emotionally invested in her story.  People had worried about her.  People had given her large sums of money when she asked for help.  So I posted my concerns on Free Jinger and within an hour after that post, I had so much evidence that Razing Ruth was likely a fake that I had to keep looking into the case.  I had never heard of PossumMomma, Penn Mommy, Jhawksgirl1, Scarlett75 and others, but as I found links and more links, and as more and more people sent me information, I realized that the woman behind Razing Ruth had been engaging in Munchausen by Internet and/or malingering online for money since 2006, using a host of names and blogs.  Munchausen by Internet is when a person fakes accidents, illnesses or tragic life events for attention.  Such people are generally to be pitied because even though they behave like emotional vampires, a great psychological emptiness causes them to create fake identities and fake situations.  They just need the attention that badly.

But malingering is something else entirely.  When a person is malingering, they are faking an illness or a tragic situation for some financial gain.  It can be as simple as calling in sick to work when you want to go to the movies or as complicated as creating a fake, pregnant sister who, after giving her baby to a lesbian couple, wants to go to Disneyland to cheer herself up so please send money.  While there is often a psychological component to malingering, it’s just more loathsome than people who pretend for attention.  It’s equally as exploitative as Munchausen by Internet, but verges into illegal behavior.

I will be discussing all the evidence I have in a number of entries because to present it all at once would be a horrible thing to do to readers and nearly impossible for me to pull off.  There are at least eight years worth of information all over the Internet under various user names to sort through.  And the information has been coming out at such a pace that I can’t even keep up with the threads on Free Jinger.  So splitting all the information up into numerous entries is the best I can do and I hope people can be patient as I write up my findings.

I intend to prove with circumstantial evidence and direct evidence that a woman by the name of Christina Izer-B*, also called Chris Izer-B* is behind the following identities and the Internet content associated with them:  Razing Ruth, PossumMomma, Penn Mommy, Scarlett75, Jhawksgirl1 and a couple of lesser identities that pop up along the way.

I will be proving my case through text evidence from the blogs themselves, IP information, correlations between the blogs, court records and more.  The IP evidence relies on evidence given but not shown because most of the places that have IP information have TOS and legal concerns that prevent them from revealing the whole of their investigations.  That may be upsetting to some people but I will endeavor to provide more than IP evidence to show that Chris Izer-B* has been running fake blogs for almost a decade.

Some may wonder why I care and I address this in the about me and the site purpose parts of this blog, but to repeat, it’s appalling how long these scams have gone on.  Because various sites that uncovered these scams had strict policies about “outing” people, there was little they could do but simply tell people that a scam had taken place.  The information behind the scam and the name of the woman responsible could not be shared, and as a result Chris Izer-B* knew she could continue these activities with impunity.  People spent many hours agonizing over Ruth and PossumMomma, and sent both identities money.  The sums collected, from just what I can track down from people who admit sending money, is a five figure sum.  That’s significant and it’s troubling because Chris Izer-B is college-educated and, despite all the physical ailments the various identities claim to have, quite able-bodied.

But even so, all I want to do is to inform people.  If you personally think there’s no harm in creating fictitious identities to get money from people, while telling them stories that scare and upset them, that’s your call.  My goal here is to make you aware of who this woman is and to stand as a place wherein all the research about Chris Izer-B* is collected into one place.  Everyone has to make their own decisions on the information they read.


I have contacted Chris Izer-B* and asked her to please contact me so we could hear her side of the story but I have not heard back from her.  I also ask everyone reading this to be respectful of Chris’ family and I beg everyone to avoid any sort of harassing behaviors toward Chris or those who may support her.

One last but very important thing before I begin to show my case:  There is a woman named Christine B* who shares the same name as the scammer I will discuss here.  She is approximately the same age, lives in the same city, and for some bears a ballpark resemblance to Chris Izer-B*.  She is a wholly different person than Chris Izer-B* and has no involvement in any way, shape or form with this case.  Chris Izer-B*’s first name is Christina – the woman who works in the media is Christine B*.  That alone should help differentiate the two women, but for those who may begin their own investigations as a result of anything they see posted here, please bear in mind that Christine B*, who works in the media in Bakersfield, is not the woman discussed on this site.

27 thoughts on “Let’s Raze Ruth once and for all

  1. JustRhon

    Great job! I can’t wait to read everything that you have managed to piece together. This whole situation has became rather disturbing and it needs to be openly discussed before Chris/Mary/Ruth can scam anyone else. The damage she has done to her “cause” is immeasurable but maybe revealing her for what she is will begin to restore much of what she has damaged.

  2. WeimsMom

    Thanks so much for doing this. I’ve been following along watching this unfold and I’m really grateful for the effort you’ve put into this.

  3. Stynjen

    Amazing work – thanks so much for uncovering all of her lies and deceit! Hopefully it will prevent people from being taken in by her future scams!

  4. Karen

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I sent her a small amount of money (less than $20, I think) a couple of years ago. I’ve been following her ever since. I’m not registered on FJ, although I used to lurk over there and followed all the chatter about Ruth. It was driving me nuts not to be able to read about the proof that she was a fake over there, although I had come to realize she absolutely had to be. The Chicago job being offered to her was just so over the top. Along with so much more, of course. I really appreciate this site and GOMI during this time. I hope she gets the help she so desperately needs and stops scamming so many people.

  5. missbrooklyn

    Thank you for all your hard work! Please don’t stop posting. I believe you’re doing a good thing with this blog. I’m looking forward to your next post.

  6. justme

    I KNEW it! And every time I expressed my doubts about her on FJ, I was piled on (except for a few other skeptics).

  7. Anne

    I’m going to be suspicious of all blogs from now on LOL This is a new blog created just a few days ago, what do you think…is she at it already or is it legit? [Link redacted] I found it in a comment on Libby Anne’s latest post about adding new survivor blogs to her roster.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Anne! I edited your comment to remove the link. You did nothing wrong at all – I just wanted to keep it quiet until I had a chance to look into it. I’ve already had a problem with people making assumptions about content in the comments section on this blog, so I am just avoiding the inevitable.

      But I will check this out because it does seem a bit off to me, too. But I’m also in ultra-suspicious mode so who knows?

    2. Admin Post author

      Anne, I read it and as of this moment no warning bells are going off but I admit the timing is interesting. I’ll keep an eye on it and if you see anything Chris-like, give me a shout!

      1. Anne

        Yeah, I’m gonna follow it too and see what comes of it. I guess the things that stood out to me were the sicknesses she said she had, and finishing college in four years with a double major despite crushing depression, a wedding, and two sicknesses. I’m sure it could be true (though insane)…just after reading about Chris’s made-up stories, I’m extra-suspicious now! That, and it all seems like it could be a set-up for another sob story asking for money. Although, it was posted by “Christina”…if it WAS Chris, she would probably use another name…but still.

        Can you add a contact form? I was going to just email you the link but I didn’t see one so I posted it.

        P.S. I have a legit survivor blog and I’ve never asked for money on it. ;)

        1. Admin Post author

          I should probably set one up for tips. I’ll get Mr Techsupport to look into it. For now, email will have to do. Sorry about that.

          contact@ truth-about-ruth.com

        2. Fay

          I’m actually the author of the “new” blog I believe you’re referring to. :) Coincidentally, my real name is Christine (not Christina) – I had no idea about RazingRuth’s “real” name being Christina/Chris up till I saw this post! I since decided I prefer to blog under a nickname of mine rather than potentially add more confusion to all this.

          I’m not asking for anything on my blog and never will, and my only motivation for sharing the blog in a comment section was because it’s only been through reading other posts on Patheos that I’ve been able to start to come to terms with some things that I experienced growing up. I started the blog mainly as just a way to get some personal thoughts out, and thought that perhaps a few others might be able to relate (to the struggle with the weight of Perfectionism, in particular).

          1. Admin Post author

            Oh Christine, I didn’t redact the link fast enough, did I?

            Please don’t be alarmed or upset. I really apologize that your foray into telling your story comes at a time when Chris Izer-B*’s antics make it very hard for people not to see her in every blog. Please keep telling your story.

            I’m glad, however, that you left a comment because I can say here, emphatically, that your IP address shows that you clearly are not Chris Izer-B*. I know where she is right now and your IP address is not even close. And you’re not using a proxy.

            So if anyone had any qualms about Fay, I can tell you now that Fay is not Ruth/Chris.

            And this is why these scams are so detestable. Once you are aware of them, they make you suspicious of everyone.

            Again, so sorry you even for a minute were dragged into Chris’ mess and please keep blogging. Real stories of escape from harmful fundamentalism need to be told.

  8. Melanie

    I suddenly had a lot of hits on my blog and wondered what was going on. My blog is usually read only by family and a few close friends, maybe 25 to 30 followers total so imagine my surprise when I got over 350 hits in one day. After looking at the stats, I noticed that most views were on this post:


    The other thing I noticed was that they were all coming from the Truth About Razing Ruth. I headed over here to see what exactly this site was and I learn that Chris is at it again! Back in 2006, she claimed to have Lupus and she tricked people on a crafting site (Splitcoast Stampers) to donate money so that she could have window film installed to prevent the UV rays from coming through. A few months later, she posted photos (I think it was on photobucket or something like that) of her with her kids splashing around in some mountain stream in the bright sunshine. I guess she didn’t figure that anyone would find these pictures. When I called her out on it, she said that she was on new medication which allowed her to be in the sun for a few hours each day. Yeah, right. Her user name on Splitcoast was Scarlet75 but she also had other names too. In my opinion, the best thing that happened to her children was that their father was granted custody.

    1. Admin Post author

      Oh yeah, I am sorting through the splitcoaststampers/scarlett75 stuff. It’s starting to become surreal to me. I wonder what she did with the money for the UV shades because I think she was still married when she pulled that scam.

      Oh yes, her ex having custody is a very good thing. Thanks for commenting here!

    2. BAMAGurleyGirl

      Oh how I remember the drama of the scarlet possum momma on split coast stampers. Unfortunately, her groupies on that site chased so many away…..she is a whack job for sure. I think of her insanity every time I drive by a dead possum in the road……

  9. greek_chorus

    I’m so glad you’re doing this. I just finished reading the mega-threads on FJ and now I’m working my way through your posts. Keep up the good work!

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  11. jnow

    I had the same a-ha! moment on TWOP. I was really into her blog for a while, and went back on to TWOP to read her posts as “ofduggar.” I came across the post (I think in a Teen Mom forum) about having given birth. I emailed her about it and she never responded. I knew she was a fake. So disturbing! I just thought of her today and saw this blog when I googled hers. Coincidentally she seemed to stop blogging the day you started this one….

  12. Careful

    WOW. I was an avid Ruth reader since it started. I know you say we the readers are not to blame, but omg I feel like a moron. I am the type to read a blog from time to time and then binge a bunch of entries. I read Ruth’s last post sometime last summer but I had no idea why she stopped. I didn’t even think there was loud or mounting criticism. I believed 100% but I never involve myself emotionally to this sort of thing so I am ok, but I would be scarred if I had a softer personality. Last night I searched her blog to see if it had been updated by chance and because it wasn’t in my recent internet history, I googled “razing ruth” for the first time ever. Lo and behold, I find your blog. I wanted to stay home from work and read it all. Kidding. I did go to work but I am binging on your blog again tonight. I am at the first secrets and lies post. Since I knew nothing of this scam and now see how it operated in such a complex and manipulative manner, I am totally floored. Kudos to you to have the patience and dedication to see this through – it is truly a public service. You can’t change the minds of the “hard core” crowd but you make us thinkers think. Your project is well researched and multi faceted, to the point that you could almost write a book/master’s thesis! Whew, that was long. If it is ok, I will post this in the most recent entry as well to be more current, even though I have not read it.


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