About Me

Because this blog is devoted to revealing the identity of another person, it would be questionable if I were unwilling to share my own identity.  I am Anita Dalton.  I kept my maiden name when I married but sometimes I use my husband’s name socially and in those settings I am Anita Clark, but online and in real life I am mostly Anita Dalton.  I live in Pflugerville, Texas.  I am a book blogger and maintain a site devoted to strange books and a site devoted to critical looks at conspiracy theory.  I am a stay-at-home-wife and I have a bunch of cats.  It’s a good life.

A Google of “Anita Dalton Austin” or “Anita Dalton Pflugerville” will give anyone who wants to know plenty of information about me.

I find situations l like this fascinating.  I was dragged into a “Catfish” situation a few years ago (my life details and surgery pics were used in a melodrama that to this day confounds me) and afterward I found myself deeply interested in factitious disorders, Munchausen by Internet, and “catfishing,” though that last moniker wouldn’t be invented for a couple of years.  I read every book I could find from Dr. Marc Feldman and I studied many cases online.  So when the Razing Ruth blog began to degenerate, I found myself compulsively researching and decided to start this blog.

If you read through my odd books blog or my conspiracy theory blog, you will find I am person who loves researching things and analyzing information.  Looking into the Razing Ruth situation was just a natural outgrowth of my already established interests.  Though I believed the Razing Ruth story for a while, I never sent her money and I don’t feel emotionally upset by this deceit, I was concerned that site legalities had prevented a complete outing and an open discussion of the many blogs and the person behind them.  I am also concerned that these deceits, especially the Razing Ruth deception, can diminish the work of people who are critical of cults like ATI/Gothardism.  Combine all of that with my love of research and finicky details, it seemed obvious I would start this blog.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at contact@truth-about-ruth.com.