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Secrets and Lies, Part 5, The Ruth Chronicles

I am so relieved that we are nearing the end of discussing all the errors in Razing Ruth, all the lies, inconsistencies and just plain bizarre plot elements Chris Izer-B* used to emotionally and financially manipulate her readers.  After this there is just one more “Secrets and Lies” entry with hopefully two more additional entries to finally close the chapter on the book of Ruth.  Then it will really start getting interesting.  And horrible.  If you’ve missed the first four installments in the “Secrets and Lies” series, you can read them here:  Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four

This entry is a bit longer than the others so I’m just going to cut to the chase.  Let’s begin by discussing Ruth’s Chicago dreams.

The Job in Chicago

This is another situation wherein it is quite possible some of this could have happened. I suspect several of you in professional positions have seen people hired across the country without so much as a Skype interview, but I also suspect that it really is only a few people.  But bear in mind that again we are discussing the gestalt of the Razing Ruth blog.  It’s not one little thing – it’s all those little things.

Chris has deleted most of the entries about the job in Chicago but never fear, I have them saved.  On May 15, 2013, Ruth reveals she has been offered a librarian job in Chicago and needs financial help to take it.  She hilariously claims this is the first time she has ever solicited money, something I will disprove in a future entry, but she definitely asks for help from readers to help send her to Chicago.  Her previous entries had been one long litany of how broke she was, how hopeless her life was – this job would save Ruth and her friends sent her money, hoping for once their online friend could catch a break.

On 5/16/13, Ruth posts an entry explaining why she needs money and offers details about the job.  The job pays just under $14 an hour but has the potential for a raise after a period of time, plus benefits.  On 5/19/13, she discusses how much money has been donated (note:  if you have given money to Ruth and have not reported to me or on Free Jinger the amount, please do so in comments or via e-mail).

So yay, everything is coming up roses!  Except none of it makes a lick of sense.  Continue reading

Moving on…

I made an incorrect judgment today about post that I decided to run on this site.  I posted an apology in one post and in another asked readers what they thought the best idea about going forth might be.  With their insight and my own ideas of what I need to do to just get back to the purpose of this site, I made the decision to make private the three entries and post this general explanation and apology here.

I seldom delete posts.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve done such a thing since the early days of LiveJournal.  It often seems to me that when people delete content, it is to hide mistakes.  I am not trying to hide the mistake but rather am trying to mitigate it.  My mistake has caused accusations to be thrown at several people who did nothing wrong and have zero association with Chris Izer-B* or this site.  This time deleting/privatizing was the correct thing to do.

I have screen shots of the posts should, for whatever reason, anyone need to see them.

We all make mistakes.  Hopefully the next one I make doesn’t cause so much angst.  I deeply regret sharing information about the young woman in need in my ill-advised Cure for the Common Chris post and I hope that if anyone has any problems about this, they contact me rather than harass her.

Now, on to more about Razing Ruth.

Potential Chris sightings

I have a big favor to ask of all of you:

If you think you have uncovered a potential Chris blog or screen name, please don’t post the name in the comments on this blog.  I have a couple of reasons for requesting this:

1)  If the person is not Chris, a comment can potentially drive hundreds of people to a blog, upsetting the blog owner.  And understandably, too, because it’s often weird enough trying to understand what caused a sudden spike in visitors.  Realizing that people think you are the perpetrator of a decade-long emotional and financial fraud just makes it all the scarier and all the more upsetting.

2)  If the person is Chris, it gives her a heads-up to start deleting or to move on to a different user name.

Please, no one apologize for doing this because this is a new request and no one had any way of knowing this could be problematic.  And if it happens again, it’s not like a banning offense.  I’ll just edit them as they come up.  But if you could all see your way toward sending names of possible Chris sightings to me at, that will make my life just a little easier.

Thanks to all who read here!

Secrets and Lies Part 4, The Ruth Chronicles

I’m continuing in my analysis of the problems, lies and inconsistencies in the Razing Ruth blog.  The rest of the discussion will be about the inconsistencies and lies the concern Ruth herself.  You can read the earlier installments here:  Part One, Part Two, and Part Three

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I want to state again why it is that I am engaging in such a close dissection of the Razing Ruth blog.  I am convinced that the IP address information obtained by the mods on Free Jinger and its correlation to the travels of Chris Izer-B* shows that Chris is the person behind the Razing Ruth persona.  Some may not think that proof is enough.  However, that evidence aside, the blog itself yields enough evidence that Razing Ruth is a fraud and that evidence is not dependent on any sort of IP information.  I want to present a strong dissection of Razing Ruth so that all the people still on the fence has all the information they need in order to keep themselves as safe from this particular scam as they can.

So with this said, let’s leap into discussing some of the ridiculous narrative one sees in the Razing Ruth blog.


It is very sad, the tragic tale of Ruth and her poor fiance Harris (excuse my lack of diacritical marks on words like “fiance” – there’s something going on in WordPress that causes such marks to be garbled and I will have my “tech suppport” look into it when he gets home from work.  My apologies.)

The first thing I really need to point out about Harris requires me to pull in some details about some of Chris Izer-B*’s other identities, something I have been reluctant to do because just getting a handle on Ruth is hard enough without dragging all of her other endeavors into this.  But this is a shallow-enough look that I think it won’t derail things too much.

Chris Izer-B* has used her real name on her Possummomma blog.  There is no question that she is the woman behind the blog.  Possummomma is an atheist blog.  Possummomma is the blog that comes the closest to showing the truth of Chris Izer-B*’s life, though as I will later show, Chris Izer-B* lies her very pants off blogging as Possummomma.  Chris Izer-B* is a woman with deep interests in religion (Gothardism, the Duggar family, fundamentalism, polygamy, Mormonism) and atheism.  She has a LiveJournal called dawkinstein.  The sole community dawkinstein belongs to is an atheist community (everyone who is a paid member, a permanent member or a plus account is automatically put into the paidmembers community, so pay no attention to that).

For those who are not aware of the significance of the name “dawkinstein,” it is a reference to noted atheist, Richard Dawkins.   Sam Harris is also a noted atheist and founded Project Reason, where Richard Dawkins is a board member.  I think Harris the Fiance was so named because Chris Izer-B* often has atheism on her mind and because it was another thumbing of the nose at earnest readers who did not pick up on the fact that her deeply religious fiance had the same name as one of the most famous religious skeptics in America.

I’ve spoken before of how it is that the more I read about this woman, the more I see her fingerprints all over her suspected blogs.  Harris is a part of her fingerprint.  He is an Easter egg, an inside joke, and for a long time Chris was the only one laughing.  Continue reading

Secrets and Lies: Part 3, The Ruth Chronicles

In Part One, I went over the litany of terrors poor Ruth experienced, as well as the whole TWoP baby issue.  In Part Two, I discussed the lies and inconsistencies regarding Ruth’s family that I found important.  The next entries in this series will discuss all the lies, inconsistencies and outright mistakes Chris Izer-B* perpetuated as she wrote as Ruth.

I again want to explain why I am going into such depth discussing all of these lies and mistakes.  For me, the IP evidence that links Ruth to Chris Izer-B* is conclusive, but I know the same may not be said for others.  But even if I cannot prove to all people that Ruth is Chris Izer-B*, I want to show to those who may doubt the connection between Ruth and Chris that at the very least Ruth is not real.  The extraordinary number of problems in her blog show that Ruth is a fake and no one need believe the links between Chris and Ruth in order to know that.  Or at least I hope that is the case when doubters are finished reading my entries on the topic.

One issue I need to address before I begin: several readers have contacted me directly and asked me to contact Vyckie Garrison because they think Vyckie can clear all of this up.  Two of you gave me Vyckie’s e-mail address.  I appreciate that so many of you have faith in Vyckie, and I also know I’ve written so much that the details can get lost, but I have made two attempts to contact Vyckie.  The outburst on Calulu’s blog came shortly after I contacted Vyckie through Facebook, which made it seem unlikely she would respond.  I even spent the dollar so my message to Vyckie would be delivered to her main box rather than her “other” box on Facebook.  I have since sent her a message via e-mail.  I have no idea why she will not get back in touch with me but I need to let people know I have made two good faith attempts to contact her and she has not replied.

So with all of that out of the way, let’s begin discussing all the errors, lies, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies in the story Ruth told about herself and her life. Continue reading

Quick apology, future entries, clarification

I am way behind on responding to comments and to e-mails.  I was never the best at replying to e-mails and have remarked on this deficit many times on my other sites, but now it’s less a personality flaw than it is a survival mechanism.

The swath of damage cut by Chris Izer-B* runs deep and wide.  The amount of evidence she arrogantly left behind is astonishing to behold.  One e-mailer, whom I will call “OK” due to parts of her real name, has sent me so much information on her own that I could write half a book just from her investigations.  She is one of many who have been sending me information.  Chris Izer-B* may have some websites refusing to take down her lies as Ruth, but she has severely underestimated the amount of righteous anger people feel about her many sustained lies and scams.

Because of all this information and all the e-mails, I am behind.  I cannot apologize enough because, forgive me for being crude, it sucks heartily to be given the story in large doses with days in between and it sucks even worse when you are waiting for a reply as you wait for an entry.

I also some of you are despairing that I am telling it the way I am – exhausting Ruth before I get to other characters, but I have to do it this way or I will get lost in the material and it would take me weeks to assemble a single entry.

However, I have heard the cries of those who need a digest and I will supply it.  When I move on to other characters, I plan to construct a spreadsheet or sorts, or maybe just a long entry I will update as I find correlations.  It will be a static entry that I will link to in a sidebar that will hold the current synopsis.  That way all the ways that Chris Izer-B*’s characters link up will be clear.  I will also begin a timeline for additional clarity.

Finally, I need to clarify that I am not affiliated with Free Jinger.  I post there from time to time, and I think the site is an amazing resource for those seeking information or seeking snark.  I love the site.  I am also a member of GOMI, and comment there as well.  I am not a mod or owner of either site.  Neither site asked me to put together this website.  Neither site funded this website.  I am acting wholly on my own because I am enjoying outing Chris Izer-B* and because I never met a pile of research I wasn’t willing to read late into the night when insomnia invariably hits.  Explaining that I am not affiliated with either site hopefully is not interpreted as a condemnation of either.  I love both sites, I will continue to post at both sites, but they have nothing at all to do with Truth About Ruth.

So I will reply to all messages in the fullness of time, I have heard the call of those who need a shorter synopsis and I stand alone in the mire of TAR! :)

Secrets and Lies, Part Two

In Part One of Secrets and Lies, I laid out a very long sample list of all the dramas, accidents, financial hardships and abuse Ruth experienced, as well as the piece of information that caused me to launch this blog – the TWoP baby.  Part Two is going to get more specific and discuss the bizarre inconsistencies, weird details and issues one encounters in Ruth’s blog, specifically those that have to do with her family.

Let’s keep one thing in mind:  we can all come up with examples in our lives wherein some of what I will point out about Ruth’s family seems true.  I ask, before anyone posts a comment saying, “Well, X happened to me!” to remember that this is about the gestalt of the blog.  Each inconsistency, lie, and unnecessary bit of drama contributes to the complete unbelievability of the Razing Ruth blog.

Also, lest I seem like I am nitpicking for no real purpose, this is necessary in proving the Razing Ruth blog is fake.  Some do not accept the IP crossover between Ruth and Chris Izer-B*to be conclusive proof that they are the same person.   The “Secrets and Lies” section is so important because even if people do not want to believe that Ruth and Chris Izer-B* are the same person, this can help those people at least understand that Ruth was never real.

I also need to state very clearly that the notion that Ruth may have used incorrect details to throw people off her track is completely off the table for me.  Ruth shared enough details of her family that if they existed they would have been pinpointed years ago.  She engaged in deep detail often – the date and location where Rachel got pregnant, her mother’s education level, the number and order of siblings, and more show me that if she was creating details to prevent people from finding her real family, she stepped over the line early on and entered into the realm of compulsive lying.  The way to hide your family’s identity is not to create stories that include false details, over and over again.  The way to hide your identity and that of your nasty fundamentalist parents is to be choosy with the details you share.  Chris Izer-B* used the theory that she might be adding incorrect and inconsistent details to her story in order to hide real names as a cover for when she screwed up details.  It’s easy to screw up details when you lie, and under the guise of Ruth, Chris Izer-B* screwed up a lot of details.

With all of that in mind, let’s start discussing the all the lies, inconsistencies and outright lunatic narratives in the Razing Ruth blog.

Ruth’s Family

On September 10, 2009, Ruth claimed she came from a family with ten children wherein all the girls’ names started with an “R.”   According to Ruth, this is her family:

Us girls all start with “R”. My parents were a little more creative than the Duggars. We are, in birth order (nicknames); Eli, Sam, Joe-Jay, Ruth, Caleb, Matt, Luke, Becca, Rachel, and Rani. There’s 16 years between Eli and Rani. She’s turning 13 in two weeks.

On December 24, 2009, her mother gave birth to a final female child whose middle name was Blessing (and whose first name is a Fruit of the Spirit name).  That gives a grand total of eleven children. Continue reading

Worried readers

I’ve gotten about eleventy emails from people worried that content is being removed from the Razing Ruth blog.


I wish my tail was this bushy!

I had almost all the Razing Ruth data backed up before I ever launched this site.  When I say “almost all,” that means that if I don’t have it backed up it’s because I don’t know it exists.  Chris Izer-B* can delete every blog she ever wrote and it won’t matter – I’ve got copies.  In fact, when I get time, I’m just going to start uploading it all here with a set of master links so people can peruse without visiting her sites.

I may be scarce tomorrow because since I started this, my house has been neglected.  With 8 cats, if I don’t get things in order, it’s gonna be dire up in here.  I also need to post content on my other sites.  But the bulk of my energy will be devoted to getting the rest of Ruth tackled so we can move on to the Possummomma scandal because that’s when things are going to become much clearer.

So no worries.  I got this.  I promise!  And if something gets past me, I have so much saved it probably won’t matter.

Secrets and Lies: The Many Problems in the Razing Ruth Blog

In this entry I plan to analyze the many weird problems one encounters in the Razing Ruth blog.  I am going to enumerate the many inconsistencies, strange statements, excessive drama, psychological manipulations and outright lies one finds in the whole of Razing Ruth.  One of the statements that comes up often when people express surprise that Razing Ruth is fraudulent is that the blog seemed so very real.  Indeed, it did.  No one can deny that Chris Izer-B* can spin a riveting tale.  I myself recall several intense scenes from the tale of Ruth.  Her father’s reaction when she got her first period was amazing writing.  The way Ruth was forced to stop playing at age 4 to assume the role of a little mother to her younger siblings was heart-wrenching.

As I read and reread Razing Ruth, I began to understand that Chris Izer-B*’s talent at weaving a tale helped keep a lot of criticism at bay because while we were all marveling at the images she created for us, we forgot to ask how it is a 50+ year-old woman managed to get pregnant without any sort of medical intervention, which is just one of many other utterly incredulous moments in the narrative.

As you read, please realize each individual error in and of itself does not condemn the entirety of the Razing Ruth blog.  Rather, it is the extraordinary number of errors, dramas and inconsistencies that show bad faith.  I know some people want a smoking gun in terms of evidence against Chris Izer-B*.  I cannot provide that.  People have spoken of how this blog is nothing but circumstantial evidence, but the only direct evidence that is possible in a case like this is if someone watched as Chris Izer-B* logged onto the Internet and blogged all of her lies and could attest that they watched the words come out of her keyboard as she typed them.  Everything else is circumstantial evidence, including IP addresses.  But with enough circumstantial evidence we come to a place wherein we have to invoke Occam’s Razor.  Is it likely with so much circumstantial evidence that it is all coincidence and Chris Izer-B* never scammed a single person, or will there be so much circumstantial evidence that there can be no reasonable explanation except to understand that Chris Izer-B* scammed people.  But I want to make it clear to all who read here that there is no direct evidence in this case, or at least there isn’t any I’ve seen yet or any I can use in this blog.

So let’s begin discuss of the many little factual red flags and bizarre elements of Razing Ruth. Continue reading

How much did Chris make in her scams

I have a huge favor to ask of anyone who reads this site.  If you gave Possummomma, Scarlett75, Jhawksgirl(1), Razing Ruth or Penn Mommy any amount of money at any time, will you please contact me at

If you have already revealed the amount you gave one of these personalities in the “How much did ‘Ruth’ make?” thread over on Free Jinger, there is no need to tell me because I have made note of that money.

I just need the amount you gave and the approximate date range when you gave the money.  I know a lot of time has passed for many who have given her money so approximations are fine.

I do not need your real name.  I have no plans to give this information to any sort of law enforcement or to contact PayPal.  I simply want to make a note of how much money Chris Izer-B* has raised via her various scams over the years.  I think it is important to give readers some notion of how successful these scams were for Chris.  I think most people can grasp pretty easily the emotional toll such scams take on readers who get invested in the stories Chris creates.   So I want to give a rough idea of how many people have parted with money when Chris created a sickness, a crisis, a big move to a job, a pregnant sister and so on.

So please contact me and I’ll get my calculator.

ETA: If you prefer to leave a comment on this entry,  that works, too.  Anonymous comments are enabled on this site if you want to keep your name or online identity out of it.