Update on the amount scammed

People who follow the marquee that shows the money Chris has scammed may have noticed a recent change.  I was able to confirm at least 4 chests of food from Schwan’s were delivered to Chris’ house. I had two separate e-mails from people who had themselves ordered and received foods in those Schwan’s coolers with dry ice and they confirmed that one of those chests could easily contain over $100 of frozen food.  I checked out prices on the site and even taking into account that there has been significant inflation regarding the price of food, Chris made out very well with those four chests.  I low-balled each one and attributed $100 per chest.

I have no idea if Chris ordered the food herself with gift cards she received, or if she gave people ideas via chat about items she would like to receive but for now I am going to assume she used gift cards and ordered the food herself.  I can only account reasonably accurately for these four chests, delivered during the Great Stroke/Heart Attack panic on Splitcoaststampers during 2006 because poor Chris was too sick to cook.

I know Chris received Applebee’s cards and other gift cards, as well as a lot of books purchased from her Amazon account but I am still working on determining times of purchase, reason for purchase and values. I suspect Chris has stolen a healthy amount of goods via lies and hopefully one day I will be able to run to ground all of these thefts. But that also implies that I will one day reach an end with Chris and I worry that will never happen.

I am still working on the next installment in the Screening the Possum entries.  I have had some unexpected and interesting information fall into my lap and it could, if proven true, change the nature of some of what I am writing.  Bear with me as I dig.

Blogging in oblivion

Gah!  I forget tomorrow is Good Friday, which means I will be cooking all day and Saturday, followed by hauling my cooked efforts to my Mom’s house.  There won’t be an entry tomorrow.  Let’s meet back here Tuesday.

If you celebrate Easter, have a good weekend.  If you celebrate Passover, I hope it’s been going well.  And if you celebrate nothing, eat some chocolate anyway.

Screening the Possum: The Sheer Scope of It All

The only document from all the web data I have about the UV screen fundraiser that I will reproduce in full is the spreadsheet Berlie kept to record the donations.  Berlie kept good records and was very open about the money he collected.  I want to reproduce this under the cut so the reader can see the scope of collections – the amounts and the numbers of people who gave money.

Just like with Ruth, some could afford to give hundreds of dollars.  Some could only afford to give a few bucks.  Some didn’t feel the effects of giving at all, some likely went without lunch to be able to toss some money to a woman who didn’t need it.  It’s sobering – in Pages on my Mac, these numbers took up three pages.  And note:  This isn’t even the full amount.  This just covers until January 21, 2008.  Berlie raised money through February 7, 2008, but it must be mentioned that the bulk of the money he raised came in on January 14-15.

ETA:  I have changed the marquee to reflect the total amount Berlie raised for Chris, as well as another Ruth donation.

I had to figure out the total amount. Berlie reported himself that the film cost $568.26.  He also reported that Chris received the amount left over, which was $3,666.26.  Together that is $4,234.45. However, Berlie also collected the money using a PayPal account that collected 2.9% of the total as fees.  2.9% of $4234.45 is $122.80.  Add those together and you get $4,357.32.

It may seem unfair to add that whole amount to the total Chris scammed since she didn’t receive $122.80 of it due to PayPal fees.  However, I think it is important to reflect the actual amount people gave as opposed to what Chris received.  PayPal took fees from every donation Ruth received but I don’t adjust for that, so it will be in line with how I record the money collected online to keep the PayPal fees in the total.  That sum reflects accurately the money people took from their metaphorical pockets to give to Chris and I want to record every penny of it.

Now check under the cut for the amounts people gave to Chris for her UV film and kitchen stool.

Continue reading

Screening the Possum: Introduction

Regular readers here know that lots of people, spearheaded by Berlie Parks at the now-defunct Berlzebub, raised thousands of dollars for Chris Izer-B* because they bought her story of having the worst bullous SLE ever known ever (without even using those terms, huzzah!).  I’ve gone over and over how it is that Chris never suffered from SLE, especially SLE so bad that 2 minutes of sun exposure at dusk in the middle of winter could trigger an instantaneous flare-up of blisters that fell off and healed in 24 hours.  It is the position of this site that Chris never had SLE, and I have certainly met that burden of proof. But even had I nothing to say on the topic, Chris herself proved the case better than I possibly could have.

Chris was blistering in the winter at dusk, but here she is in direct sunlight in June of 2009.  Note the short sleeves, naked head and unblemished skin.  Here she is in May 2009, cowering in the face of the mighty sun that will cause her flesh to be covered in painful blisters, possibly even causing smoke to come out of her ears.  Ooops!  My bad.  She’s just standing there in the direct sunlight in the middle of the day with nary a hat, nary a blister nor sign of a healing blister to be seen on her naked arms and legs, any sunscreen previously applied getting washed off in the creek.  She told people she had a pill or a cream that took her from the worst case of bullous SLE I’ve ever read (seriously, take some time and read for yourself if you’re curious) to being able to frolic in the UV rays that had months earlier kept her a prisoner of her own bedroom.  She never had SLE.  And to be blunt, the more data I am sent by people who knew this woman, the more I question whether or not she actually received a lupus diagnosis.  Increasingly I think the verbiage we need to use for her lupus is that we can’t rule out that it may have been on the table.

(And even though I am linking to pictures Chris put online, do not under any circumstances post them here.

ETA:  Several people have spoken up in comments and e-mails regarding the pictures I linked to. One of the first pics I linked to had P3 in a particularly awkward pose.  Additionally, linking to the Picasa account means anyone can view the entire album easily and there are pictures there that likely shouldn’t be online.  I have corrected this so that now the links only lead to the photos I wanted to illustrate my point. As a person who is childless and was a teenager before the Internet existed, I didn’t take into account how upsetting some of those pictures could be to a young girl who already has a lot on her plate in having Chris as a mother.  I also didn’t look at them from the perspective of them being just plain wrong to have online.  They seem innocent enough to me but you also never know how people will interpret and use photos of semi-naked children.  Given my experiences in the odd book realm, you’d think I would have picked up on that before now.)

But we have the power of hindsight and I have the power of leisure time to spend reading all this stuff (so you don’t have to!).  We know she didn’t have these conditions but, in 2007-2008, many believed Chris was suffering mightily.  Her antics on Splitcoaststampers as the sickest woman ever show that Chris was and probably still is very persuasive.  The people who raised money for her did so because they cared about Chris or were moved by her story.  There was also a strange element of atheist versus Christian competition that fueled some to donate.  In fact, the whole fundraiser was weird from beginning to end, and I will be discussing it in my usual, long-winded depth, though this time I am carving everything out into smaller entries.

This entry will just serve as a introduction to the fundraiser, but in later entries I will discuss the way Chris manipulated the fundraiser once it was in effect, her judicious use of sockpuppets to verify her stories and to froth up anger, the various people who participated – especially the people who should have known better, how the whole thing was vetted, the strange lack of research on Chris’ part regarding her own well-being, and more.

I think it is important again to remind everyone that no one is foolish for having fallen for Chris’ tales of woe.  No one is at fault for being deluded by Chris’ many lies or for believing Chris in her myriad guises.  Even if we think Berlie was exceptionally unwilling to see the truth about Chris, the fact will always remain, in my opinion, that he acted in good faith on the basis of what Chris led him and many others to believe.  People who were victimized by Chris should never blame themselves for what happened.

This leads me to a difficult conversation.  Both Berlie Parks and Calladus were displeased that I considered them victims of Chris Izer-B*.  I can see that perspective because there is something insulting about a stranger telling you that you were a victim.  People know very well whether or not they feel victimized and my opinion has no place in affecting how they look at this situation.  I get that and I respect it, though I did not recognize it initially when I began discussing the two of them.

But that doesn’t change that there isn’t any wiggle room in the facts.  Chris never had bullous SLE.  She never had SLE.  We can’t rule out lupus but we can’t bank on it either.  If Chris never had SLE, there are one of two positions for Berlie to be in:  he either knew Chris was lying about having SLE and raised money for her anyway or he had no idea she had, by that point, been faking various illnesses online for years.  People have different opinions about Berlie Parks but it is the opinion of this site that he did not know Chris was lying about having SLE when he began fundraising for her and he had no idea the number of sockpuppets Chris used and the lengths to which she would go to manipulate people.  Berlie Parks offered unasked to raise money for Chris but he did so after reading accounts of her grave suffering.  Her socks helped verify her story at turns and stalk her at others. Before he ever offered to raise a penny for Chris, she had created and bolstered the idea that she was a victim who was so continually harassed that Berlie found believable the stories that her own relatives executed NSA-level hacking to defame her and that preachers and antagonistic websites stalked her even as she was so sick she had no idea if she would live to see her own children grow up.

It is the position of this site that Berlie Parks was victimized by Chris because he had no idea the sort of woman he was dealing with before, during, and, curiously, after the fundraiser.  The only other alternative is that he knew she didn’t have SLE, and I sincerely think he did not know.  He and others may maintain that there is a third option – that Chris indeed had SLE and took a magic pill that ended UV-triggered flared-ups forever – but that is not an option unless you live in the realm of science fiction.  Berlie Parks, here and on his own site, comes across as smug, holier-than-thou and nasty, but I can also say that if you ever find yourself in a fight in an alley, he’s definitely someone you want to have your back.  He’s a loyal dude.  The only thing he did wrong in this fundraiser is believe Chris, and in that he is in very good company.  Berlie Parks is more than welcome to comment here, should he choose.  Additionally, though I have my belief that Berlie is wholly innocent of anything other than bull-headed loyalty, I encourage others to share their own opinions

With that out of the way, here are the facts: Continue reading

Tiding you over

Things have been messy here at Casa Dalton-Clark.  Very messy plumbing problems with very messy repairs requiring very messy clean-ups.  Bright side, it should all be finished by Wednesday.  Dark side, I haven’t been able to get much done online.  I hope to have some entries up by the end of this week, beginning of next week at the earliest.

I also have been distracted because the TAR “research team” and I have stumbled across something very interesting.  We need to lock it all down before I write about it.  This entire new situation just further proves my theory that 90% of everything online is bullshit.  Oh this world…  At any rate, what little time I have had has been diverted into lots of different directions, but once I have the plumbing issues under control, I’ll be able to direct my attention to some OMG-worthy content on this site.

In the meantime, let me direct you to a despicable situation that makes Chris Izer-B* seem almost angelic in comparison.  Commenter “Dedicated Lurker” posted these links in the last entry.  I haven’t had time to sort through and read it all but what little I did absorb was just horrifying, and this time my use of that word cannot be considered hyperbolic.  Check it out and please use this entry as a place to comment about this situation or any other thing you want to discuss.




Some people have also asked me about my mom.  Info about her under the cut. Continue reading

Up again!

Sorry about the down time this weekend.  Nearly-Free Speech, the hosting site for this blog, had a catastrophic server failure Saturday afternoon.  Some people were concerned that perhaps the blog had been shut down by outside forces or that I had thrown in the towel.  Nah, nothing that dramatic.  Just technical difficulties.

Hope to have some entries up this week, or given the way I work, I’ll plan for several and manage just one. ;)  Feel free to treat this entry as an off-topic chat if you want.

Life Lesson 4c: always treat your friends with honesty and respect

When Isabelle realized that Chris had been behind the Razing Ruth blog, she reread the blog and quite a bit of the blog jumped out at her.  Because Isabelle is a reader at Free Jinger and has an interest in fundamentalism due to her own life experiences, she reads the blogs of other fundamentalists and as a result realized that Chris had either demonstrated a deep interest in some fundamentalist blogs or ripped off her stories from those blogs.  Isabelle also realized Chris had borrowed details from her own stories she shared in her blogs.

Interesting Links to Razing Ruth

Isabelle remembered that at some point, Chris told them about Emily from Under $1000 a Month, the lunatic frugal-living blog that for a while had parts of the blogosphere concerned as Emily starved her husband near to death and served tube meat and window-sill salads in the place of real meals.  Evidently Chris spent an entire evening detailing Emily’s foibles.  We’ve discussed Ruth’s nasty reaction to Emily.  I’ve said before that Chris cannot help but pepper her frauds and lies with details from her real life.  This is a pretty good example.

But there are some more specific examples that showed up in the Razing Ruth blog. Continue reading

Life Lesson 4b: always treat your friends with honesty and respect

This entry is a continuation of the information Isabelle shared with me once she understood that Chris was not even close to being the woman she presented herself as.  Isabelle got to see first hand the way Chris interacted with her children and some activities that seemed odd, all the odder with the power of hindsight.

The Little Possums

Isabelle says that when Chris was around her, she was very good with her kids.  The kids got along, Chris seemed pretty involved, had good boundaries with the kids, and only seemed to check out mentally and emotionally when she was feeling ill. P4 would have been quite young when Isabelle interacted with Chris, and P3 seemed needy to her, but she thought Chris was a good mother.  Of course we know with the perfect vision of hindsight that if P3 was needy, it was likely due to Chris spending most of her life in bed.  Isabelle actually wrote a letter to the court stating that she had witnessed Chris’ excellent mothering and now feels awful that she contributed in any manner to Chris having access to the kids.  I don’t think she should feel bad.  It takes extraordinary abuse for a parent to lose rights to a child – Chris was going to end up with access to her children one way or another because none of the suspected Munchausen by Proxy activities could really be proven.  Moreover, the court psychiatrist appears to have had Chris’ number, if the way the custody arrangements went down after the report is anything to go on.  I bet a lot of people feel guilty after having placed faith in Chris.  They shouldn’t feel that way.  No one should ever feel guilty when someone like Chris manipulates them.  Continue reading

Life Lesson 4: always treat your friends with honesty and respect

Most of the people betrayed by Chris Izer-B*’s many scams and frauds never met her in real life.  Most never had her in their house.  Most never spoke to her on the phone.  They simply knew her in whatever incarnation they met her as online, be it Ruth, Possummomma, Scarlett75, Jhawksgirl or Penn Mommy.  Not so with Isabelle, the woman who sent me all the e-mails Chris sent to sling mud at her ex-husband.  Isabelle had a friendship with Chris that extended into real life and was stunned when she realized that the person she thought she knew was, in fact, the Chris we all know: a craven liar, manipulator and financial scammer.

Isabelle met Chris on LiveJournal when Chris was pregnant with P3. Their friendship blossomed from there and Chris traveled to visit Isabelle, her partner and their children at their home six times.  Isabelle lived in Los Angeles in 2005 and Chris came to see her and her family.  Isabelle later moved and Chris came to see Isabelle five more times at the new location during 2008-2011.  She stayed overnight with Isabelle’s family three times, for visits that lasted several days, and several times she brought her children, who got along with Isabelle’s kids.  Isabelle has also met Michael B* in real life – he went on some of Chris’ travels to visit Isabelle.  Additionally, Isabelle and her family visited Chris at her home four times before the divorce – here’s a screenshot of a LiveJournal entry wherein Isabelle discusses one of those trips.  As upsetting as Chris’ bad acts are in the blogosphere, they become far nastier when you realize the things she did online she also did in real life to people who welcomed her into their homes.

I have no questions at all about Isabelle’s authenticity.  There is photographic evidence of Chris and Isabelle’s families meeting and having fun together, and people close to the family had mentioned Isabelle to me long before Isabelle ever contacted me. I will not reproduce links that prove the connection in order to keep Isabelle’s real name and family out of this as much as possible (and in the event that you know Isabelle’s real name, do not reproduce it here), but I want to drive home to readers that Isabelle was Chris’ friend in real life and Chris had no reservations about exploiting her just as she exploited strangers online.

In addition to the e-mails she forwarded, Isabelle revealed details about her interactions with Chris and some information about her own life.  From her messages, I was able to piece together some of the possible origins for the Razing Ruth story.  You see, Isabelle is herself a survivor from a fundamentalist, homeschooling family.  Some of the lies Chris flung over on Splitcoaststampers also have an origin now.  In fact, it seems like Chris ripped off large chunks of Isabelle’s life in order to create herself as Ruth, and as a former archaeologist and an expert on autistic children on SCS.

Isabelle was a witness to Chris’ health claims, to her claims about her jobs, and had many memories of when she sort of felt things may not have been quite right in what Chris was saying to her, but it wasn’t until she had the whole of Chris’ lies thrust in her face via Free Jinger and this site that she pieced it all together.

I know people are going to ask how it is that Isabelle and her partner did not pick up earlier on the fact that Chris is an inveterate liar and scammer.  There are a lot of reasons, but the main reason is that when one is not an inveterate liar or scammer, one does not expect others to behave that way, let alone people you consider friends.  People who are honorable generally expect other people to be honorable.  If Isabelle had had daily access to Chris, I guarantee you she would have come to understand Chris’ nature far sooner, but, as we’ve seen, people only see parts of Chris in specific places.  People who have far more continual access to Chris generally have a come to Jesus moment much sooner.

Isabelle told me about her reactions to the whole Penn Mommy saga.  She believed Chris initially because she had no reason at the time to think Chris was a liar.  It was hard for her to make heads or tails out of the whole mess because it was pure drama of stalking and hacking and family intrigue. She eventually stopped reading the Possummomma blog entirely because the comments always became a big, dramatic fight.  I asked her how she felt about all the things Chris said in the e-mails we’ve discussed.  Isabelle said she had no reason at the time not to believe Chris. Lots of people behave poorly in divorces and she chalked the strange details up to a couple acting badly as they separated.

It was when Chris sent the e-mail where she decided to claim she had brain cancer that Isabelle and her partner began to have doubts.  Understandably alarmed, they replied to the e-mail and never heard back.  Remember, Isabelle had been in Chris’ home and Chris had been in hers.  Their children had played together.  Yet Chris never responded to their fears that she was potentially very sick and possibly dying.  While they had not put the pieces together yet, they had more or less emotionally divested themselves of Chris.  And then Isabelle found this website and was able to see all too clearly who Chris is and what she does, and it all fell into place.

So with that out of the way, let’s have a look at what Isabelle shared about her experiences with Chris. Continue reading